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Does it matter to you if Kansas beats North Carolina to 2,000 wins?

That's like saying which has car has ran the most laps ever in NASCAR. Bottom line UCLA 11 Championships, can have all the laps in the world...but win's don't equal championships.

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FINAL: Oklahoma State knocks off No. 1 Kansas, 85-77


If a team has a number 1 ranking they have a target on there backs, so don't get all pissy when they lose. Being a good sport is for winners and LOSERS.. :)

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FINAL: Oklahoma State knocks off No. 1 Kansas, 85-77

#1 ranking in Basketball is useless cuz it isn't factored into selection sunday. It's just for some business to sell papers and advertising space on a website.

Lethargic play by KU for 30 minutes killed there chances to win the came but the did play like KU for the last 10 minutes. Bet they won't be doing anymore Big 12 regular season trophy presentations before the last game of the season anymore, all the players have checked out mentally which gives the opposition the belief they can win against KU now.

Don't care how good a team is, any coach doesn't want there team to be backing into post-season play.

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Big Ten making overtures to … Texas

This reporter "genius" thought is only for the betterment of the Big 10. Texas knows it's only been successful because it has moved to the Big 12. No team in the Big 10 is going to help them generate revenue like the teams in the Big 12.

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Stabbing victim in fair condition; Lawrence police seek public's help in finding suspect

Flux: wampum isn't alcohol as many believe its a type of rock made for jewelry.

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Police seeking ID of man acting suspiciously at Peoples Bank

mysteriously, Larryville hadn't posted around those times...hmmm

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Gill: WR coach Beaty will not return

Maybe he felt the assistant coaches should have shoulder some blame for not stepping up to defend or push maningo around to see how he would like it done to him.

Eitherway, KU Bball fans, getting rid of assistants at a small time football program is the norm.

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Henry or Wall? Both freshmen having big years

It's one thing to note that Wall numbers are impressive because he has put them up on teams like Uconn, North Carolina, and Indiana. Tell me any player who wouldn't have had as many turnovers against competition like that.

X is a good player, no doubt, but 31 pts against lasalle? Fort Hays state?

These two teams are on a collision course and should be a interesting NCAA tournament again

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KU football assistants on their way out

In this day in age, recruits(and their handlers) read these comments/blogs/etc and take these things into consideration as well, while it's nice to complain about a blown play or something but constant bickering about the direction of KU athletics will hurt the coaches trying to recruit to KU. Just as much as you want stability in your job, recruits do to!

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Turner Gill moves quickly to put new coaching team together

Anyone notice the other photographer with the lens cap one?

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