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Lawrence man charged with stealing motorist's eyeglasses in road rage incident

May seem harsh on the surface, but what would stop him from doing the same thing to the person in front of him at Dillons? Or if a child was annoying him? Clerk to slow at checking you out? Reach out and slap her?

Keep your hands to yourself.

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More snow on the way tonight; Lawrence schools, KU, others closed Friday

We have between 7.5 and 8 inches at 6th & Wakarusa!

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What is your biggest pet peeve?

People who do their "warsh". Or go to "Warshington". Just do your laundry and go to DC for heavens sake! Or when someone says "I seen that". Or if they have a great "ideal" or an "idear". The misuse of "less" and "fewer".

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Friends remember Lawrence woman who died in accident Thursday on Clinton Parkway

so very, very sad. To many tragic events this week. All involved are in my thoughts.

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Scholars debate funeral-protest Supreme Court case Snyder v. Phelps at KU event

Why is asking for respect at the funeral of a loved one limiting freedom of speech? This isn't about what the Phelps' say, it's about the time they chose to say it. There is no need for them to picket at a funeral, they do it then because they enjoy it. They love the "shock value" and negative attention they receive.

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Douglas County to consider ‘jaw-dropper’ property tax increase of 16.6 percent

Wouldn't it make more sense to allow the government to keep a surplus on hand? The use it or lose it mentality doesn't work. Every department HAS to spend every penny, plus several more pennies, each year. So they keep buying stuff, and more stuff, and more stuff.

Let the departments operate like a household should and save any monies from the previous year for the lean times. This would reward each department for cost cutting. The way it works now is that every aspect of government has to over spend to get funding at the same level as the year before. Then they all whine about how much more they need and how services will be cut if they don't get more money.

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Douglas County to consider ‘jaw-dropper’ property tax increase of 16.6 percent

I have no idea how much a package of cigarettes is, nor do I care since I don't smoke. And it says something about you since you think people who are against this kind of tax increase all smoke. You should remember what happens when you assume something!

Several years ago when it was obvious to my husband and me that the economy was going downhill on a fast train, we looked at our budget and trimmed all the fat. Surprisingly enough, we discovered that we spent money on things and services that we didn't even want, let alone need. I believe its time for some major budget trimming. It is possible to do without threatening to cut "basic services". A fire department and police department are both necessary in my opinion, to a healthy community. It is not necessary for them to dramatize the "what ifs" if they don't get all new shiny stuff or cost of living raises annually. As has been stated on this thread numerous time, alot of people are getting by without a raise, so publicly funded employees should be able to do so also. It won't be forever.

As long as we think wealth equals character, we are in major trouble. Its been seen over and over, throwing money at a problem won't make it go away. We have listened to the doom and gloom crap for to long, tax cuts to major corporations didn't create more jobs, tax breaks for businesses in communities didn't create more jobs, it moved the problem to a different area.

And on trimming the fat from our budget, we didn't really give anything up. We just stopped spending on the stuff and services we DIDN't want!!

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Douglas County to consider ‘jaw-dropper’ property tax increase of 16.6 percent

This is not the best time for them to create a new "economic development fund" or "preseveration fund" to the tune of a million bucks. There is probably a time and a place to create these new "funds" but in the middle of a recession is not it.

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Organ donations ease grieving process

What a heart warming story!

My first husband passed away suddenly 12 years ago and was a donor. His heart, liver and kidneys could not be donated but his skin, bone, cornea's, and heart valves could be used. It did help me knowing that his death brought some joy to others and their families.

Talk to your family about donating organs and sign your organ donor card!

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Down the road: Couple’s exercise regimen keeps them moving in retirement

Amazing. Truly inspirational. Better living thru exersize, healthy food, and pure kindness! Hopefully this concept catches on!

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