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Funeral plans set for Thomas Robinson's mother

Yes, SNR Denton is a large "international" law firm. The attorney, Christopher "Kit" Smith that will oversee the fund created for Jayla is a KU alum and has an impressive resume. I'm sure that there are numerous legal issues in D.C. that Thomas Robinson will have to deal with and hopefully Mr. Smith has volunteered his services as part of the Jayhawk Nation.

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Bill Self clears Kansas senior Mario Little for competition

Smitty is working way too hard to find a conspiracy theory. In the community I work in, a diversion agreement is nothing more than a matter of paperwork between the prosecutor's office and the defendant and their attorney. It does not require a court appearance. Once all parties have signed the agreement, it is filed with the court and any previously scheduled court dates are removed from the court calendar. There are no notices to the press. If someone is checking the court filings daily, they would see that something had been filed, but it is a routine court matter. This is not the KU athletic department influencing the court system.

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Ex-employee links KU tickets to AD gift

One thing I am sure of is that we haven't seen or heard the last of this. I work in an office full of K-State fans and they are loving every minute of the news coming out of the KU Athletic Office. It is impossible to defend Perkins at this point. He makes more money than I will ever see in a lifetime. He can rent or buy whatever exercise or rehab equipment he needs. He can use the equipment available at the KU athletic department although I am sure he would never lower himself to use the same equipment as the athletes. Bottom line is, he should never have put himself and the university in this position. Perkins has created enemies and they are coming out to jump on a sinking ship. Question is, how much damage has Perkins done behind closed doors and when will the NCAA get involved?

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How the scam happened and what KU is doing about it

What is ridiculous about Perkins' claim is that there have been rumblings by season ticket holders for quite some time about why are there always different people in some of the best seats in the house, why are there so many of the good seats available for high dollars on ticket broker sites and why can't season ticket holders get the good seats? Those questions have been asked all through the fieldhouse and not very nicely. The only way that Perkins didn't know that something was wrong is that he is so arrogant that he refuses to listen to anyone. It is time for Mr. Perkins to move on. His services should no longer be needed at the University of Kansas.

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Electric power restored to Westar customers

I find it hilarious that officials at KU said that they weren't affected by the power outage. I guarantee you that I took my final in the dark this morning. Apparently university officials didn't want to deal with the possibility of students not showing up if they learned that the power wasn't on so they chose not to tell the truth.

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Electric power restored to Westar customers

Power is out at part of the University too. Try taking a final in the dark. This should really help my grade point average!

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Former K-State QB, brother of KU's Kerry Meier, dies in hiking accident

I will be keeping the Meier family in my prayers. This is such a tragic loss. The Meier family has given so much to the State of Kansas. At this time, Jayhawk Nation needs to make sure our voice is also heard in expressing sympathy, love and support for Kerry and the entire Meier family. May they be surrounded by God's love.

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Cole Aldrich going pro: Junior center leaving KU to enter NBA Draft

Cole, it has been our privilege to have you wear the crimson and blue for three years. Good luck to you as you move forward!! Thanks for the memories. You will always be a Jayhawk!

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Congratulations, Cole

Congratulations Cole!!! The entire Jayhawk Nation is proud of you. It has been a privilege to have you wear the crimson and blue. We wish you the best of luck. You will always be a Jayhawk!

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Knocking off No. 1

The folks in purple are celebrating today and they should be. True Hawk fans are taking notice of what is happening down the road but we know that our guys can handle it. Big 12 Basketball is great. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

By the way, somebody brought up the MTXE years at Wichita State. Xavier McDaniel, Cliff Levingston and Antoine Carr played during those years. It was a great time for WSU basketball.

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