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One person dead in early morning car accident in Riverfront Park in North Lawrence

I would say from the radio traffic that this is the same jeep that Leavenworth Co was 10-32 with. The jeep came through the intersection of Tee Pee Jct kinda hot. I guess should have turned around and gone back to see about a tow but figured it was most likely owners preference,Hillwho.

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19-year-old who suffered brain damage during dental procedure files lawsuit

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Victim ID’d in fatal car-cycle crash

Well we all will miss her riding around on her bike with a smile and the two blond pig tails.

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One dead after car-motorcycle accident near 27th and Missouri

Well the lady that was on the cycle was suzie and she rides alot and has alot of good friends. She is a great lady and has fun at the slowride. she worked at hallmark at one time not sure she is still there.

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Lawrence man hits the road to nation's capitals to raise awareness of fallen law enforcement officers

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911 recording system to receive upgrade

well I didn't know that the director retired. Cornflakegirl you are short of nothing being right. I can say some of the people that do answer the phone are just rude anyways.

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KHP worker charged with threatening trooper

So he won't be helping people change tires and giving them gas along the side of the road anymore. I don't guess he will be calling her anymore as well.

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Lawrence police to join national crackdown on drinking and driving

OLD Tim McCool ain't so cool.I bet they don't take in 5 people. tim I hope the KHP don't get any raises forever.

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Prosecutor running for Kansas A.G.

Hey Steve Six was a classmate of mine and even though I am not a fan of the AG's office for good reasons. I do think Steve is a good guy.We sure as H-ll don't need anyone that has been around Phil Kline He is the guy that should be dead.To this DeZago guy save your money and pack it in. I am for Lucky No. SIX

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Fuel pumping again at turnpike service area

Well they may have been pumping gas out but they were broke down by 2:30 and not pumping gas anymore.I guess that is what you get for 3.6 million.

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