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Wrapped up: Travis Releford's D on Ohio State's Deshaun Thomas keys road win

Great Job / Great Game / Great Win! ROCK CHALK !!

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Charlie Weis-Dayne Crist duo not so dynamic

2 games into a season and you experts throw everyone under the bus...Nice

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A kick in the teeth: Late FG lifts Owls past KU

The Missery trolls are out tonight.

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Bradley McDougald stands out

Bradley McDefense!
Love to watch a guy who is so into playing football !
Rock Chalk!

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Dayne Crist solid, not spectacular — yet


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Dayne Crist solid, not spectacular — yet

Sit down troll

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While residents have fled troubled trailer park, tons of trash remain

Take a good look......This is what the older apartment complexes will look like in 5 years and more in 10 years and more in..Well, you get my point!

August 16, 2012 at 12:03 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Senior housing project draws objections from neighborhood

This is a solid example of special interest control over what is done in Lawrence.
Many of the comments regarding the poor condition of apratments are spot on.
Why are they in poor condition? Because multi-unit housing was purposely exempt from the rental housing regulations in Lawrence.( Via Compton, Stultz, Fritzel,etc.)
Throw a dart at the map in 10 years and we will find that there will be a run down apartment complex within a mile radius.
If the county wants to support a senior housing project. How about buying a entire block of the empty rental houses that the tenants have moved out of and into the apt units.
Our sweet community is turning sour right before our eyes..

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