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Lawrence City Commission to respond to requests to declare sanctuary city status

Statistics being what they are can be open to a wide interpretation. I would be interested in reviewing them myself to confirm this before agreeing or disagreeing to your statement. Can you point me to the statistics that show this information? I would appreciate the information greatly. Thanks!

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Updates on a pair of high-profile demolitions in town; longtime restaurant on Iowa Street closes

Was the truck from above the entryway found in the demolition at the Barb Wire demolition or had it been removed already? I don't recall hearing anything about it.

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Payless Furniture owner who said 'Goodbye Obamaville' back selling furniture in Lawrence; City Hall spends $2,500 on friendship garden

Is there a requirement to be licensed to run a business from that warehouse? Has it been inspected for any fire/safety issues if the public has access to this area? Just wondering if he is trying to do an end run with legal obligations where ordinances are concerned...

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Lawrence Sertoma Club raises approximately $13,000 at annual barbecue cook-off

Congratulations to Sertoma for a wonderful annual event. I know that the preference is to go back to Broken Arrow park once the construction is complete, but I did like the way everything was laid out at the new venue this year. Parking was a lot nicer as well. That being said, I would still happily eat BBQ for charity, no matter the location. Well done to all! (pun not intended, but if it brings a grin...)

I would be interested in seeing the full list of winners, my personal favorite didn't take the overall prize, but would like to see how they placed in comparison.

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Ambler surprised with mural at KU's student rec center

photo is in the article with a link to enlarge it if you can't see it well enough.

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Lawrence schools at a tipping point

The population of the city is growing to the west and the families on the east side of town are growing older and have fewer children to attend those schools. If we could pick the schools up and move them to areas that have a need for a school to handle the population growth that would be great. Another alternative would be to restrict families that have children to only allow them to move into homes where a school currently exists...both ridiculous ideas aren't they? Unfortunately, we are left with the reality that existing schools on the east side are under utilized and on the west side over populated. To resolve that we will need to build new schools to address that. I don't like it because that will mean I will have to pay higher taxes to fund it, but for the future children I will accept this up to the point where it requires me to move to a zip code I can afford.

Busing the kids to the existing schools so they don't have to be closed is certainly a valid option, however, I strongly dislike this option as it pulls the kids out of their own neighborhood, where they are no longer familiar or comfortable with their surroundings leading to a distraction from learning that provides no benefit to the student. The end result is that we might save a few dollars now at the cost of our childrens education. Bad idea in my opinion.

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City proposing $30 increase in speeding fine

I will typically drive the posted speed limit in town and on the highway, posted limit +5, so I am by no means one who insists on busting everyone who goes a little over the limit on the highway. However, in town, where cars are closer together leaving less room to maneuver in emergencies, more distractions (and not just cell phones), cyclists, walkers, kids, etc...I feel speed limits are valuable for our general safety. The people who ignore those limits do so for many reasons..."late to where I'm going, I've never had an accident, I have good reaction times if needed, driving faster is more fun, etc..." and while this may be ok for them, consider the new drivers who haven't quite got the hang of judging how fast a car is approaching and pulls out in front of a speeding car. They think they have more time, and BANG, or perhaps speeding down a neighborhood street and suddenly a dog runs out or heaven forbid a small child runs out chasing a loose toy. Can they possibly justify driving faster in those cases?

The problem isn't the fines, they could make it $1000 per infraction and it would not be an effective deterrent. The mindset of "I have NEVER been pulled over for driving too fast." is far too common, so people will drive 5-10 mph over the limit in town (15-20 mph over down 23rd in the morning is common in my experience before 7:00). Enforcement of these limits is the only way to get people to slow down, and not just in the known "speed trap" areas. When people finally become aware that they can and will be caught speeding, and punished for that infraction, will they eventually start to slow down.

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KU to choose among internal candidates for new vice provost job

Perses,,,so it is your opinion that the information frankfussman provided is invalid when applied to KU? I tend to think that students would benefit more from a professor than from an administrator.

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