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Family's homemade cookies thank those who spend holiday on the job

The homemade cookies are the best and the fact that they deliver them is awesome.... Your effort is appreciated at our call center

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Sound Off: Does Lawrence have any free or low-cost transportation for seniors who are in wheelchairs

indep inc provides transportation if u can stand to deal with that awful women who schedules the rides.... uck... the so called empty bus or T-lift is better same cost no BS very friendly and will pick u up at ur door and make sure u are safely at ur destination.... and please use the empty bus company so these idots will stop complaining that its a waste of our tax dollars. I never wasted any money riding the bus.... let it go people lol

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If Obamacare is Constitutional then....

If you dont take Part B of Medicare when you are first eligable you pay higher premiums when you do take it this is the same thing.....
and alot of people dont know this and get screwed.... at least we all know unless you are living under a rock

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Brownback voices disapproval of Obama rule on contraceptives

WHAT OTHER JOBS? I wish there were other jobs available in Lawrence There are no jobs in this town.. and the few that are out there most are part time and do not offer insurance anyway. But less birth control = more mouths to feed no matter how you look at it. Maybe if Brownie would create more jobs this would make more since to me.

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When was the last time you used the Lawrence city transit system?

i lost my transportation four years ago i rode the bus to work and home never had any problems. I broke my ankle last March I tried using Independence Inc but the lady who schedules rides has no customer service skills...... i was so glad when i got approved for temporary Tlift rides. the drivers were all so great and made sure I was safe and got to my destination before I was left. No scheduling issues ever. At least i got to keep my job because i had a way to get to work without paying $9 one way for a taxi ride.

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Sound Off: Does the bus system track the times, places and the amount of times the buses have no rid

I ride the bus 4 days a week I would not have a job without the bus system so anyone who would vote against the bus system obviously has never been down on their luck and needed a little help. If you are so lucky why don't you donate your car to someone who rides the bus daily and then you can find out just how lucky you really are.... If that is your picture then you look like you can afford to buy us all a used car

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City wants public input on changes to bus routes

All I can say is if we did not have public transportation here in Lawrence I would not have a Thank you for the bus system........ I do not think kids should have to walk to school I grew up in Missouri where we never paid for books or bus service!!!

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