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Letter: Rising costs

Underfunded like the Part D plan, homeland security, two wars and two tax cuts for the wealthy?

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Letter: Rising costs

In my opinion this Letter to the Editor is bogus, I think its probably one of those crazy right wingers trying to scare people as they always do into voting against the ACA by voting for more crazies.
I agree the VA is messed up, but I have heard of nothing but good things about the ACA from the people I know that use it. As for myself I'm on the single payer plan called Medicare which has been fantastic for the 10 years I have been on it.
It has always been beyond me to understand what the republicans have against it, insurance companies are big business which republicans have always supported to the grief of everyone else.

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Letter: Useless plan

I have never seen so many people resistant to change. The plan with a roundabout is a good plan in many ways. Smother traffic flow is one, you will no longer have to stop at Harvard to proceed to your destination. The reduction in traffic lanes is only 3 blocks north and south of Harvard, are we really going to miss 3 blocks of extra lanes especially since we no longer have to stop at Harvard? The plan also saves 1 million dollars, since when are we not concerned about saving money. The city hires engineers to make educated decisions, let them do there work. How can anyone say it is a useless plan, do you really want potholes, no drainage control and unsafe intersections.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: A tombstone tour

When you talk about soft marble are you sure you don't mean limestone? Marble is what all of the Greek and Roman structures are made of and they are still around.

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Letter: Lawrence memories

If you have to ask why, I guess it doesn't matter.

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Letter: Lawrence memories

I'm not even a woman and I'm offended by his comments about women.

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Taco Zone plans to open downtown restaurant; police ask for $24K as engineer finds structural problems in evidence storage area

The city already has space in the west facility that is unused which was part of my objections to the new police facility. Why not use the half of the west facility that is not used? The city just doesn't get it!

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Brownback focuses on 'crisis of the family' in second inaugural

For the first time ever, I think everyone posting on this is right on. What in the world is the Governor smoking and why can't he see what a hypocrite he is.

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Letter: Wrong repair

John, you are wrong, it is not the city inspectors jog to be sure the concrete is poured according to specs. The city inspectors generally only inspect major parts of the building such as foundations. Again I say it is the Architect or Structural engineers responsibility and not the city. If the city inspectors had to do this it would require hiring a lot more inspectors and I don't think you or I want to pay for that!

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Letter: Wrong repair

Fred, its unfortunate is getting so much attention because the overall project is a great asset to the community. I use it twice a week and its great to see so many people being active.

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