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Taco Zone plans to open downtown restaurant; police ask for $24K as engineer finds structural problems in evidence storage area

The city already has space in the west facility that is unused which was part of my objections to the new police facility. Why not use the half of the west facility that is not used? The city just doesn't get it!

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Brownback focuses on 'crisis of the family' in second inaugural

For the first time ever, I think everyone posting on this is right on. What in the world is the Governor smoking and why can't he see what a hypocrite he is.

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Letter: Wrong repair

John, you are wrong, it is not the city inspectors jog to be sure the concrete is poured according to specs. The city inspectors generally only inspect major parts of the building such as foundations. Again I say it is the Architect or Structural engineers responsibility and not the city. If the city inspectors had to do this it would require hiring a lot more inspectors and I don't think you or I want to pay for that!

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Letter: Wrong repair

Fred, its unfortunate is getting so much attention because the overall project is a great asset to the community. I use it twice a week and its great to see so many people being active.

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Letter: Wrong repair

As a retired Architect, let me make a few comments and maybe corrections to some of the comments.
Its not the City Inspectors responsibility to check these cracks but rather the Architect or his Structural Engineer.
Also its never to late to saw those joints in fact I have had some Structural Engineers even suggest not putting them in and just let the cracks occur on there own (concrete will crack not matter what you do).
I'm not trying to defend the Contractor, however these cracks are only a very small portion of a very large project its just unfortunate that they are getting a lot of attention. He is also obligated to fix this and any other problems for up to a year.

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Famous Dave's closes Lawrence restaurant; all hail to the sweet potato

I would agree with that, the marketing manager just doesn't get it, high prices, bad food and service doesn't lend itself to a successful business.

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Roadwork: Sixth and Iowa streets project progressing

It would be great to also report how construction effects bicycle traffic such as the 15th and K10 project. The paved bike and pedestrian path no longer goes thru that area which effectively cuts the bike path in half.

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Breakfast burrito is not as advertised, instead of being scrambled eggs with whatever ingredients it appears to be chopped soft boiled egg, the torts were cold and coffee was also very weak and tasteless.

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Lawrence man sentenced to life in prison for killing his ailing wife

I think they just made a lot of wrong choices in there lives, like a better diet and exercise probably would have alleviated a lot if not all of there health problems.

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Letter: Lies and deceit

What in the world do your 5 posts Mr. Blackford have to do with my letter to the editor? Please do not reply!

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