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Town Talk: Coffee, martial arts, bank slated for proposed development in N.W. Lawrence; speculation on the Olive Garden that has never materialized; chamber being sent message to stay out of retail

^ Completely agree. Paisano's quality has dropped significantly over the years and is overpriced. We used to patron it a lot...not anymore. Kitchen Nightmares worthy? ;)

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KU wins the Academic Performance Tournament national championship

Pssst. You forgot to capitalize the beginning of your sentence. ;)

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Team lauded

Rock Chalk! Proud to be a Jayhawk. Thank you, Bill.

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Trash truth

FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS. Yay! I finally got to say it first! Woo!

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United Way outlines strategies for helping student performance in Douglas County

Sounds like an initiative that many non-profits already do and/or pigeonholes other agencies into areas they don't necessarily work in.

I'm all for the United Way, as many services wouldn't be around if UW didn't exist, but as an annual giver and a non-profit employee I'm not a fan of the way UW is changing across the nation to introduce their Community Impact Goals. In my opinion, it seems desperate and a way for UW to stay relevant in a bad economy. All it does is create redundancies while it defunds other non-profits.

I dunno...my two cents...

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United Way outlines strategies for helping student performance in Douglas County

You should be able to look up their annual report on their website. I doubt it shows it broken down by employee but you should be able to see what it costs to run the agency as well as how much money is allocated to what agencies.

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Town Talk: UPDATE: YMCA shows interest in Lawrence; Punch boxing coming to Sixth and Wakarusa; Smashburger closes Lawrence location; a Marine party

Last year Smashburger did a coupon day where a percentage of the proceeds went to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Heard that Smashburger never gave them the proceeds. That coupled with TIF...karma indeed!

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restaurant battles....Yesteryear edition

Massaman Curry at Lulu's
Black bean quesadillas at The Glass Onion
Breakfast enchiladas and a bloody mary at Paradise Cafe
Mexicali egg sandwich at Bucky's (great for hangovers!)
Almost anything from The Cheese Shoppe

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restaurant battles....Yesteryear edition

I also loved the black bean quesadillas at The Glass Onion! Good times.

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