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Ashland ends Seabury’s state dream

Let me state that I have no ties to either Bishop Seabury nor Ashland. But BSA has no control over which class they compete in. That is determined by KSHSAA(Kansas State High School Activities Association) based on school enrollment. So don't bash BSA for playing who the state requires them to play.

As for private school recruiting, I'm sure that happens on some level. But BSA isn't the only one that falls under that category. There are private schools in all classes, Bishop Carrol(Wichita), Hutchinson Christian(Hutchinson), Bishop Miege(Shawnee), St. James(Overland Park), that have an enrollment advantage because they don't have boundaries like a public school. So if you want to make the argument that private schools should have their own state championship, then I'll listen.

Congrats to BSA on a great season and best of luck to Ashland in their pursuit of a state championship.

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Memory of Charlie Weis: No ‘D’

Thank you for making my point. With all the "hoopla" surrounding Coach Weis's hire at Notre Dame, the program consistenly got worse every year. One can argue that during his first two years at Notre Dame, he wasn't playing with the kids HE recruited. Those were kids that Coach Willingham recruited. Then when his kids got in the program, all these so-called "5-star" prospects, his program finished below .500 twice. Because you can bring in a "5-star" athlete, doesn't always translate into wins. There's a guy down the road in Manhattan that's doing it without any headliners.

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Memory of Charlie Weis: No ‘D’

It's great how optimistic all the KU football fans are about Coach Weis. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Coach Weis was FIRED at Notre Dame??? Coach Weis is a GREAT coordinator, but as a head coach, his reputation took a huge hit. He was 35-27 in his 5 years at Notre Dame, including 16-21 in his last three years. This record came at a school with unlimited football resources and its own national tv network for recruiting. How's he going to succeed at a school like KU?

As much as we all want to bash Coach Gill, people forget he was picking up the pieces of a disaster that Coach Mangino left. In Mangino's last year, KU was 1-7 in the Big 12 including losing their last 8 of 9 games. So it wasn't like the cupboards were full of talent.

Let's try to keep things in perspective.

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FSHS girls to take on tough O-South tonight

Wouldn't go as far as to say she's a "top guard in the country". Definitely one of the top players in the state. Plus Coach Duncan should be recognized for doing a really good job with such a bad basketball team this year.

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Free State girls upended by O-Northwest

I was at this game and I found it entertaining as well. However, I'll have to disagree that FSHS will be a good team in the future. Olathe NW is very good but they didn't have their best player and FSHS still couldn't beat them. That's not a good sign of things to come.

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Southwest ninth-grader opens the door for all freshmen to join high school sports teams

That is correct Kufan......don't quote me on the year, but I believe it was 2001 or 2002. And it was actually two kids that the Free State boys pulled up. Keith Wooden and Neil Daughtery both were called up to finish out the season at Free State.

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Woodling: Michigan lousy venue

The "Big house" is one of the most celebrated stadiums in college football. I don't see a lot of people writing home about their experience at the dump; I mean "Memorial Stadium" on the hill.

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