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Boa constrictor nabbed from nature center

Zappa lyrics gnome? takes me back

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The $6,400 question: Should KU Athletics be reimbursed?

Bottom line...Lew and his gang DIDN'T THINK WE WOULD WIN and got caught flat footed when we did. No contingency planning was bothered with.

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One person dead after early-morning car accident

toe: I believe Tom was John's son. He was a kind man who will be remembered fondly

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Police checkpoint near Wakarusa causing a stir

Seems like we've come a long way since Vern Miller used to jump out of trunks at the Big Eat. At least there was some humor in that.

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Trio receives top KU honor

Great to see Phil Frickey getting some much deserved recognition. What the article failed to mention were his many contributions to student government during his undergraduate days. I'm sure the residence hall system is still benefitting from his efforts in many ways that have long been forgotten.

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Kellerman pulls off perfect finish

This has to be one of the greatest achievements in the history of high school sports in Lawrence. Enough can't be said to congratulate this fine young man.

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City parks plan wins approval

City Government 101

Job 1 Public Safety

Job 2 Sewers

Job 3 Streets

Everthing else is EXTRA

If you can't fully fund the first three you have no business looking at anything else until you do.

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