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Jayhawks blow out Oklahoma, 104-74, on Big Monday

Loved watching this game. Felt comfortable for the first time in a long time. Regretfully, I had to turn the sound off, Dick Vitalie was broadcasting (if you could call it that) the game and I could not stand listening to all the BS about who did what to whom at some time. All having nothing to do with the game. Please ESPN do not put him on KU games.

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Tom Keegan: Jackson and Self share winning ways

Please find some place to save this article (and the associated comments) for future reference. I have recommended that friends read it along with the comments by Suzie Marshall and all have been impressed. This is a guide for raising a child or acting as a mentor. For this you, Tom, have a pass until you write something I don't like. (lol)

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Jayhawks lead Big 12 in third-down defense

I have faith. It will happen and I think Beaty is ultimately the man to get it done! I just hope it doesn't take 108 years. (Just keep sawin wood)

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Kansas knows WVU will bring pressure in title game

Please! Don't stand in the corner and wait for their guards to come down and trap. Move the ball up court quickly into the half court game where we beat them.

Thank you.

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How former Jayhawks fared in NBA games of Dec. 3, 2014

Way to go Tarik! Thats one way to stay with the team.

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Easy, breezy: KU’s Stigler wins 400 hurdles, MOP title at Relays

Very happy to see the Track & Field Stories. Wish there was more. I'm from the old days of Al Frame, the Strope twins, Bill Nieder, Al Oerter and Jim Ryan. Why can't we have things that way again?

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Failed plan: KU's conservative offense not good enough in 27-17 loss to TCU

Yesterday morning I watched a practice of 11/12 year olds at Pop Warner. They were learning to block and tackle. Maybe this drill should by implemented at a KU practice.

I noticed the police officers accompanying Coach Weis on the field. What possible use could they be? Except maybe to make him look thin.

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Former KU great Wayne Simien discusses importance of mentoring at MLK event

This is a fine young man that I hope the powers that be will find a place for in the current athletic depatment.

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