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The Moment of Truth - Fox's new show

My goodness. Looks like Check, and Checkmate for Nick Danger.

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The Moment of Truth - Fox's new show

I think Marion is just trying to get his Google count up.

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Treanor Architects adds GLPM

Congratulations to the firms. A lot of talent here, and I wish them the best. I think the niche of biological labs is a good idea.

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Bill would require drug testing in accidents


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Two men charged after shots fired on K-10

Sounds like Marion's internet gun and freedom store has been busy lately.

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Neufeld says he won't hold up session over coal-fired plants

If Neufeld says he won't hold up the session, I wonder if the deal to allow Holcomb to proceed in a modified form has already been charted behind the scenes with the Gov

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Local motel robbed; clerk injured


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Hotel opposed

Haven't been on in a while.

I see Merrill and Cool continue to make so many, and such long posts, that 99.9% of the people will totally not read and hence ignore anything they say, even if valid.

Good job, you idiots.

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Elected positions often come with codes of ethics

I was about to think that the world was about to spin off its axis....but no, there he is. Marion saying his two words: grand jury.

OK weenies. get out there and get it started. It isn't going to happen. You can't indict a ghost.

I for one is very Glad Deciphera is here. For all the people whining about the investments.... just give them a call... I am sure they would take your money too. Stop your bitc****. At this stage of development, this is a highly speculative investment, it isn't an "insider deal." You can easily lose the whole thing. Such is the arch of bio-tech start-ups. But if the city doesn't play, it can't win, in terms of finding the high-salary jobs many of you always complain about.

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Anaylsis: Abortion politics made ground slippery for Morrison

cap10 makes the ignorant assumption that 'party platforms' in 1932 are any more binding on the party officials than those passed today. While he 'gets' a few of the points, in a general sense, he has missed the most important one so far.

So I give him two out of ten stars.

It would be fun to debate him about German society and political movements, circa 1918-1945, but I don't think Dolph can afford the electrons. And I can't afford the time.

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