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Guth's tweet puts him in middle of political firestorm

The Board of Regents, recently taken over by Brownback, should have stated that they back the University process. The University should have stated what the process is, and followed it. Period. The rest is politics. This is one statement by one tenured professor. There are larger issues on how the University is expected to respond.

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KU journalism professor Guth placed on leave as school reviews comment he made on Twitter on shootings

The university rolled over. I expect better. They should at least tell the politicos to stay out of it, while KU decides what to do. And the Regents clearly are bound to the Brownbackistanians. But we knew that when one lied to get on the board. They should have backed the University process and left it at that -- the honorable Regents of the past would have done that.

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Regents support restoring cut university funds but back off flat tuition proposal

how did the different regents vote ? All for one or not ?

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Paul Davis makes it official: He's running for governor

Liar Sammy Brownback stated in a public debate that he believes the earth to be 6,000 years old. That should make it impossible for him to vote, let alone run for office. We need a non-idiot as governor.

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Paul Davis makes it official: He's running for governor

Good. But I am afraid that if rational people speak up for Paul, it will just bring more irrational people out of their caves and holes. Good news -- a very religious conservation married white working woman just told me how much she disliked what Liar Sammy is doing to children and schools. There may be hope.

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State GOP adopts resolution demanding withdrawal from Common Core, science standards

remind them that gravity is just a theory. We don't know how it works. Might be little unseeable people pulling us together. Perhaps invisible flying pigs ? Just saying.

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Regents considering higher education budget for next session

PS Oral Roberts Uni background for the lawyer How's that school doing ?

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Regents considering higher education budget for next session

will be interesting to see how that not-Republican Republican lawyer votes. When you got to lie to get on a Regents board you must love higher education, right ? Probably be a big supporter of increased budgets and taxes, if needed. Right ? Huh ?

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Kansas attorney general joins NRA, 21 other states in challenge of federal handgun restriction

average age had to do with other health issues, especially sanitation -- most in the Old West didn't carry. Most could not afford a gun. And, by the way NRA, in Old West Dodge City, you couldn't pack north of the railroad track. Had to turn in your guns if you drank at the nice bars.

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Report: State funding cuts to public schools in Kansas are fourth deepest in the nation

Gee, and there are cities that even have great roads and baseball fields. Oh, and outdoor music venues. Hmmm. Called living better. Called local decisions and property tax. OK for kids to swim.

We're talking about the support for classroom teaching, not the building of new facilities. Liar Sammy made sure all the lawyer and doctor LLC stopped paying any (yes, any) state income tax, that working poor pay more and more in sales taxes, and that unaduited money is pouring out to friends of the commerce office. Lots of nepoticism. Lots of big government from Sammy.

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