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Need for change not so crazy

I could not agree with you more! I have watched Lawrence grow since the 51 flood(my earliest recollection) I love my town.I don"t like to see it misdirected.The builders the money people need to philanthropic lawence needs on a bigger scale.Not all should or need be for our wonderful university!There they can make a difference and then, I with too much time on my hands could get behind something I am passionate about,as I would love nothing more than to serve my community

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When it comes to attracting retirees, Lawrence could learn from Columbia

I thought the same thing wilber about the couple!

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When it comes to attracting retirees, Lawrence could learn from Columbia

I don"t need a new home Wilber,I now live in a very nice home.I was the working poor,but when I retired my finaces have improved.I will pay the taxes they think I owe .no biggie.the biggie is,they should have the seniors in place before they built.Even if they build it they just might not com.What I am thinking by the time they figure out the working class are now the unemployed,the senors with the money are not there,it would make a great homeless shelter.meadowlark. But I am still P>Oed about owing personal property taxes on a place that was not there.OK I am over all this ...good night

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When it comes to attracting retirees, Lawrence could learn from Columbia

I haven" read all your posts,BUT having just been served a summons for personal property taxes from 2004,Here is what the hell I think.I was queen of the double wide and got it in my divorce(lucky me>not).I decided to move to florida after having a person knock on my door offering me 500. for it so he could(wink) move it to oklahoma, to be used for a battered womans shelter. To make a long story short,My taxes were paid thru june 1 2004. I was in florida by then basking in the sun.This was all explained to them, but now (after making a return to retirement in good ole larry town( 2006)I have to pay the back taxes on this they can ask for people who can afford their 10 million dollar library their high dollar new building on 6th street for retirees and the new comunity theatre( Which I cannot afford)Which the double wide was not even there!!!!My ex passed away in 2009.two weeks ago his name was in LJW for back taxes for(are you ready) for 2010... and the moral of the story is(if you are still reading) this retiree is thinking about the good life in florida where my meds are covered and my medi-gap policy is paid,because that is where the old rich people are.A lot of waste for the builders and their big taxed offers here in larryville where the town is run by the minority and Not sorry to say (they desrve the spoils of there hard work,but not on the backs of hard working tax paying people!

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Topeka police make arrest in connection with early morning shooting on Redbud Lane in Lawrence

Leave them on redbud! They are at least not in my neighborhood! I concur about LMH...

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Statehouse Live: Brownback, Colyer, Schmidt blast federal health reform

The doctors are running scared! So they might make a little less!! So what!! Bush used our social security money to fund a war that was never declared!! Thats why there is no money there,but look at all the republican whiners when you mess with their money! Like health care for all! Its not just their country its everyones right to have health care! I would sooner live in poverty than let one child or elderly person die needlessly! Me vote on anything republican WILL never happen!!! So don"t try to win election on that ticket, the people are too smart for that.

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Media may help Democrats pound table

Table pounders or gossip hounds hmmmmm,,,, I will take table pounding with truth than mud slinging with lies...<<<( republicans do best). Only reminds me how corrupt with greed and running on the scared ticket they are!!!

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U.S. admits it infected Guatemalans with syphilis in 1940s

I think Hilary might still be P>O>ed at Bill! Although I have long since forgiven him>>>>" )

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U.S. admits it infected Guatemalans with syphilis in 1940s

The prisoners might just have agreed to being used as lab rats,if they were given a choice for conjugal visits! After all THEY were in prision!! : ) Lets poll them...Oh wait they must be deceased. The artical didn"t mention whither they were treated for the sickness.

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Federal judge Deanell Tacha speaks on need for diverse system

Judge Tacha, That is something I totally embrace! Thank you for your article.Regardless of your political affiliation. You are brilliant!

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