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Letter to the editor: What’s next?

Spoken like a truly uninformed lay person who cannot think good straight thoughts. Have you indeed read the constitution? You are an a**.

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Douglas County voters to pick candidates in 3 House districts

Do not forget to vote! #voteblue2016.

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Scuffle leaves Lawrence officer injured and Arkansas man facing criminal charges after being tased

I commend the LPD for their training and the handling of someone who could have caused them harm. I support our police.

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Audit: Kansas failing to protect safety of children in foster care and adoption programs

Bob did not resort to violence, but your comment did. Why?

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Audit: Kansas failing to protect safety of children in foster care and adoption programs

I agree but the DFC never did either.

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Opinion: Republicans set low bar on vision

Sad times for America. I could not like a Trump value system before he ran for the highest office in the nation and I cannot support him now.


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Kansas, 5 other states sue Obama administration over Affordable Care Act

No one in this administration understands that it is responsible for the fiasco perpetrated on the people.

February 25, 2016 at 10:16 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

LMH details billing troubles with KanCare


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Kansas would have fewer school districts under new proposal

Why not have parents home school? Save all that nasty money for Brownie and KKKotch. Look at all the good we could do, to go back another 150 years and save money on teachers salaries schoolboards new school, old schools and that pesky thing both parents working. They do not need jobs. Because here your money is returned to corn and you will need that time to plant. Good work Brownie.

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Editorial: Democrats’ dilemma

The news media is a for proffit entity. If no one reads or watches no money comes. All news sources have demacrat or republican backed ideals. America is it not great? Educate yourself as whose ideals you want. My ideals aline with the demacratic philosphy. America the great! I would not live anywhere else.

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