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Kobach's office acknowledges hosting Bible sessions but says worker was not fired for failing to attend

HMMM correct answer no? I hate pop quizzes.

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Opinion: Trump still setting campaign tone

Trump is like the month of march in Kansas. He comes in like a lion and will leave like a lamb. (he should) anyway.

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Opinion: Democrats still lashed to Clinton

My son challenged me to a political conversation. My goal is to be enlightened. Thanks all.

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Opinion: Democrats still lashed to Clinton


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Opinion: Democrats still lashed to Clinton

Why not? Kansas has Brownback.

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Lawrence city commissioners look to add stop signs to reduce traffic on 27th Street

I have always used 27th street as a bypass of 23rd, where the traffic is very congested. I recently used it because 31st street is closed. But I have been cdl class b driver and I come to complete stops. You know the 5 second rule. Not everyone that has a drivers license knows that when the cars are parked on their side of the street they are traveling, the car with no parked cars has the right of way. Neither do they come to more than rolling stops at signs. I have had a safety driving course. This is not a driving lecture just an fyi.

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Opinion: Mountain lion is lurking

I too have had the mountain lion experience. It bounded across the road in front of my car at sunrise coming from the south into the tall grass on the north side of 31st street. I was completely shocked. I had and have no doubt about what it was by the way it moved it was a gracefully bounding and then disappeared all together. I love big cats as they have a grace all their own. This was twelve to fifteen years ago.

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A prominent goodbye sign from defunct Payless Furniture that labels Lawrence 'Obamaville' and much more

This dude has some serious mental health issues. He should have partaken of our esteemed Bert Nash services. I want to just say where do I sign up for a class act lawsuit against a person who exploited then called us names? I feel like I was just publicly stoned and I do love and respect all leaders of the free world and my home town. So as Merle sang about in the 70s love it or leave it. Get your sorry butt on outta here!

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New Kansas rules would limit spending of welfare benefits

I could not agree more with your statement. All I can picture in my mind is poor people running around with no underwear I think (he) would want that mandated into law that they have to spend money on underwear....

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