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Opinion: Republicans set low bar on vision

Sad times for America. I could not like a Trump value system before he ran for the highest office in the nation and I cannot support him now.


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Kansas, 5 other states sue Obama administration over Affordable Care Act

No one in this administration understands that it is responsible for the fiasco perpetrated on the people.

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LMH details billing troubles with KanCare


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Kansas would have fewer school districts under new proposal

Why not have parents home school? Save all that nasty money for Brownie and KKKotch. Look at all the good we could do, to go back another 150 years and save money on teachers salaries schoolboards new school, old schools and that pesky thing both parents working. They do not need jobs. Because here your money is returned to corn and you will need that time to plant. Good work Brownie.

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Editorial: Democrats’ dilemma

The news media is a for proffit entity. If no one reads or watches no money comes. All news sources have demacrat or republican backed ideals. America is it not great? Educate yourself as whose ideals you want. My ideals aline with the demacratic philosphy. America the great! I would not live anywhere else.

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Opinion: Obama speech offers little comfort

The majority being republican party. Do not speak for me.

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After 149 years, Kansas lawmakers still grappling with 14th Amendment

What disrespect you have for your mother.

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After 149 years, Kansas lawmakers still grappling with 14th Amendment

Well do not sound like you are superior intellect. And do not make fun of me for asking. I asked it he was doing his own interpretation??? You answered I get it.

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After 149 years, Kansas lawmakers still grappling with 14th Amendment

I heard blah blah blah. And the point to the story was......Brownback can "fix" the law by his own interpretation?

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Judge strikes blow to Kansas proof-of-citizenship law

Not that long ago ones vote was held private. Now you have to declare your status . Democrat republican or independent. If you can not keep your status private such as independent you can not vote. You have to declare 90 days before election. I want my constitutional rights back. Now which scholar wants to take responsibility for usurping my right to vote? And you may read between the lines. I left out all the swear words.

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