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13 Russian nationals, including Putin friend, charged with meddling in U.S. elections

You are so right. It was over when we had someone in the white house who knew how to be president.

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City has limited recourse after 3 acres of neighborhood's mature trees were bulldozed

I totally agree with you on this matter. I would like to point out however is the fact trees are where earth gets its oxygen. Migrating birds will surely miss the roosting place. HAGD everyone and happy exchanges.

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Douglas County Commission to schedule forums on jail and mental health referendum, provide information on what happens if voters reject

That is exactly right. The very reason you tax at the top of the food chain then you ask the general income people for a fair and just tax. Seniors such as my self should have been exempt from the food sales tax when the Brownback stole our homestead tax refund. Talk about stuck on stupid.

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Mystery grows around pending deportation of longtime Lawrence resident; online protest petition tops 27,000 signatures

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City's upcoming budget process to include discussion of sales tax renewal

There is no shame in being poor. Their is in class division. We now have a gilded presidency to whom will only perpetrate and further divide the working class from the wealthy.


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Opinion: Open letter to the Republican Party

You are an idiot if you believe this.. The polls will show you out. # voteblue

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Douglas County clerk hopes court decision won't further confuse voters

When I cast a ballot this morning I had to show my license(drivers) and sign a paper. And their are a democratic ticket and a ticket for the republicans. This might be the first for me. I was born in Waverly Kansas and When you get your first drivers license you have to have a birth certificate. So somebody listen up If using a state issued document you cannot be counted twice as you can only register once to vote unless you moved from another state or precinct. I have been at my current address for years. So after that being said.?????

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Letter to the editor: What’s next?

Or you have a right to vote if your a citizen of these United States. AKA the constitution. Bob Summers.

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Letter to the editor: What’s next?

This is in response to Bart Johnson.

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