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Report questions the effectiveness of tax incentives given by states to lure businesses

Would optimist consider sharing the statistics that support his assertions?

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Kansas U.S. House delegation votes for bill to cut $39 billion in food stamps over 10 years

The Republican party is showing that it is addicted to Midevil thinking.

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Report: State funding cuts to public schools in Kansas are fourth deepest in the nation

Brownback and his cohorts could care less about funding education in Kansas

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Judicial commission chair denies that politics had anything to do with bypassing Stegall earlier

Ann Burke is a dynamic woman attorney who has excellent judgement , just like her father before her.

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Kansas, Arizona file lawsuit seeking to protect proof-of-citizenship requirement to register to vote

Kobach is a desperate sore loser, who tilts at windmills at any excuse.

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Editorial: Rocky start

Communicating with the Legislature is like the old problem of communicating with the Soviet Union--the hurdles of doctrinaire thinking is very high

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Former Westar chief, wife give rural Lawrence farmstead to Salina-based Land Institute

Postscript to my earlier comments. Mr. Haines replaced David Wittig as CEO of Westar and by hard work brought the company back to solvency. He was a hero to long time employees whose whole retirement plan was based on values of Company stock. Mr Wittig was sentenced to prison for other shady dealings with a Topeka banker but, escaped responsibility for his running Westar into near bankruptcy. Olddognewtrix

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Former Westar chief, wife give rural Lawrence farmstead to Salina-based Land Institute

Many years ago when in law school my wife and young daughter and I lived on the Gorrill Farm, but in a small one bedroom ranch style house that later burned down. Mr Gorrill was a lawyer but was a banker by trade. His wife(widow) was a Shawnee Indian who earned a nursing degree at Haskell.She was a nurse for Dr. will Menninger and commuted to Topeka daily.Mr Gorrill was a friend of "Uncle Jimmy Green" the famous dean of the KU Law School.

When she died her estate wanted a reliable tenant. We loved the place. The house had its own gas fireplace and Mr. Gorrill's law library including several autographed books from Dr. Menninger. I discovered Uncle Jimmy Greens silver headed walking cane in a back closet and convinced the estate to give it to the Law SChool. The farm had two small ponds that were great for fishing.

We took a sizeable cut in our standard of living when we graduated and moved to Manhattan.


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Editorial: All in the family?

Dealing with the current Legislature is like the old saying that to get the attention of a mule, you have to hit him in the head with a two by four

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Media campaign launched to lobby governor on behalf of those with developmental disabilities

Hope springs eternal that Brownback will lose his devotion to ideology above all common sense

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