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Talk of racism no longer laughable

Why is it that the attacks on Sotomayor all claim she's racist? Why isn't her record from 1992 when she was confirmed to the United States District Court and 1998 when she was confirmed to the United States Court of Appeals being looked at? I would think that would be a lot more informative than some speech given at a law school. Wouldn't her decisions and rulings from these courts be more indicative of what to expect?

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Kansas leaders fear potential lawsuit against moving bio-defense facilty to Manhattan will delay project

The only thing wrong with Texas is it's full of Texans. Get rid of them and it would be a nice place to live or visit.

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Say a prayer

Elaine, do you really believe that a criminal is going to spare you simply because you're a veteran?

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Do you think Bush-era officials responsible for harsh interrogations should face trial?

At the Nuremburg Trials, we said following orders was no defense. Why are we now allowing our own homegrown idiots to claim it is? At the very least we should start at top and come down and prosecute all these scumbags.

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Senate committee approves Sebelius nomination by wide margin

Is it true that the Republicans 2 choices for voting are not to vote at all or vote no? A yes vote is not allowed?

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Handgun missing after police arrest vacationing couple

Actually the first place to check should be yellowhouse.

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Henry brothers close to making decision; father says no visit to Kentucky, but later says visit on tap

Hope Self will tell these guys good bye, who needs them?

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Marathoners brave weather for charity

eride, if you want to a copy editor, apply at LJW. Otherwise shut up and stop knocking what people do.

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Obama: No charges for past harsh CIA interrogations

Marion, could, or would you explain your obsession with the President's middle name?”

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