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Kobach no longer advising Maricopa County in Arizona on immigration issues

It's just a matter of time--enjoy the next 6 months. We are almost to the point when the socialism will begin being reversed. The last 18 months will all be a memory soon.

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State seeking public input on protecting forests in Kansas

Throwing around terms like "forest" is really a nonstarter or a strawman, as experts class almost all of Kansas as "grasslands." In the more treed areas of northeast Kansas, the natives refer to the areas as "timber." Forests (technically "frontier forests") in the pure sense are found on the coasts and in the parks managed by the Federal government.

Practically, common-sense conservatives will see this as part of the ongoing losses of freedom to socialist environmentalists who love using inflammatory language like wetlands, forests, old-growth forest, river-keepers, and other terms rarely heard outside Douglas County. However, by 2013, it will all be a distant memory.

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Most Americans don’t want Reagan’s face on $50 bill, poll finds

Ah yes, the father of welfare. How could I forget.

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Most Americans don’t want Reagan’s face on $50 bill, poll finds

A fool and his money are soon parted. If you need to part ways with your cash, send me a check and I'll make sure it gets redistributed fairly. Oh wait, that's the left's goal in life, to take America down by taxing the rich and spending us into oblivion.....what's that, we now have the highest annual deficit ever?.....you don't say.......

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Most Americans don’t want Reagan’s face on $50 bill, poll finds

Ronald Reagan--

Inspired with courage the defeat of the Soviet Union and helped unravel the Eastern Bloc.

Brought us back from the economic disaster of stagflation, to a time of economic recovery.

Made us forget the foreign policy disaster in Iran.

Reversed the child death sentence (for a time) of abortion, furthered by pro-choice, Baptist Sunday School teacher Carter.

Restored faith and pride in American values.

$50 bill or not, no liberal president can touch his accomplishments.

Try as you may, you just can't rewrite history, libs.

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Privatization could cut costs

I am so glad you liberals have Merrill on your team.

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House panel clears Tiahrt of ethics wrongdoing


News is when man bites dog. Charlie Rangel doing something unethical would not be news. However, if the left wing media could pin something on Tiahrt, who is so clean he squeaks when he walks, yes, that would be news.

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Kansas House approves covenant marriage measure

I support Representative Brown's measure. I've personally counseled those dealing with the devastating consequences of divorce. Many marriages are salvageable, and for the children's sake, more couples should remain together and keep working through their differences. No-fault divorce has not proven to be a healthy solution for our nation.

Instead of ripping Representative Brown, why don't those opposed to the amendment spend time calling their legislators to ask for an amendment that would provide an out for those who have been abused.

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Ol’ Roy’s boys tanking

ousted, that is, before all the spelling bee champs weigh in

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