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Roberts says war with Syria likely

Good thoughts by Joe Hyde. I feel what so many posters here forget, or do not understand, is that what drives U.S. military intervention, almost exclusively, is U.S. national security interests. You won't hear that in no uncertain terms from the president, but that's how we operate. When you understand that, you will begin to understand why we operate the way we do.

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CJHS principal taking job at district level

No, he's actually not close to retirement, and it's not smart to put words into another's mouth, salad. I don't know what Mr. Harwood's motivations are now, but as a former student, I know he deserves everything he gets.

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Then you're a joke of a fan. Laundry??? Laughable...buy some more clothes. A fan of the 'Hawks would never miss a game against our biggest non-con rival. Give your tickets to someone who wants them.

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McCray's day

ESU took us to overtime? Looks like another long season...

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Rush's attire all buzz

Kansas: only school in top-10 in football and bball

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A ride in the country

Some of you "lifetime drivers" would do good to get out of that auto and get on a bike for a change. Might help to change our status as fattest nation in the world. You must be so proud of that accomplishment.

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Middle school bans hugs between students

She's right...pretty soon these kids will stop shooting eachother and just hug...just horrible.

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18th birthday brings freedom to vote

"It's probably not as common as I'd like," he said. "Everybody's excited to get their driver's license. What can we do to make it so that you're excited to be able to vote?"

Nothing. Politicians aren't worth voting for.

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Are you in favor of a statewide smoking ban?

I agree with RI...the smoking hotties can stay...the rest of you with the disgusting habit need to take it elsewhere...smoking=bad news brotha

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Kansas freshmen bond at Global Games

Ok, good article, just one thing caught my attention. Aldrich said if Collins got in foul trouble, Reed could fill in for him. Are we forgetting that RussRob was a Cousy Award finalist last year? He is still our point guard, right? Or maybe I missed something. I'm really interested to see how things are going to unfold this year, having four guards that deserve to start. What does everyone else think the lineup will look like? Think of the quickness of this group: Robinson, Collins, Chalmers, Rush, Arthur. I don't know if it's possible, but man, that group could get up and down.

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