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Sons of Union Veterans member Bob Wandel works to uncover buried Civil War history in local cemeteries

My great-great -great grandfather Adair lived in Georgia and joined the Confederate Army leaving his 8 children and wife behind. He contracted dysentary in training camp after two weeks and was sent home sick and shortly died. Very difficult to imagine the suffering the civil war caused.

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Heard on the Hill: KU musicians arrive in Germany; small degree program story sparks reactions (again); law school graduates suffering in recession, too

An education is expensive and time consuming, but how would you like to be operated on by a self-proclaimed doctor for heart surgery that just decided to jump into the heart surgery business because he got tired of his welding job or be on trial for a serious crime you did not commit and be represented by a lawyer that hung out a shingle the day after he/she got tired of changing oil at a gas station, or have your kids being taught by a math teacher who did not know anything about math but was hired by the school district because he would work for the same amount of money that he/she was making waiting tables at taco tico. Educational institutions provide standards for competence and that is good. Unfortunately, an Education is more expensive than the product it provides to the student, largely due to the hiring of professors who do not teach but only are employed at large salaries to publish and bring prestige to the University, due to the universities desire to keep students far longer than necessary by curriculum requirements that could be circumscribed to core subjects.

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North Dakota State stuns Jayhawks, 6-3

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Lawrence developer David Freeman begins prison sentence at Arkansas facility

As a showing of public good will and as an act of humility, KU Athletic department should should hand out some free tickets to the low income kids in the community who may otherwise never be allowed to see a high priced KU basketball game.

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Did Texas play the Pac-10?

People need to stop moaning about Texas throwing it's weight around. They've obviously earned it and have it or they wouldn't be throwin' it around. Give Texas their TV station. As a matter of fact, when the Hawks win a few national championships in football, maybe we can throw some weight around and have our own TV station. Texas is a plus for the Big XII and they know it and we know it. Glad to have the longhorns in the conference.

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Notre Dame, Arkansas: Come on Down

Arkansas would make a great contribution. They have loyal fans and a beautiful campus and great tradition. Just a 3 hour driv from Stillwater (OSU). The old Texas - Arkansas matchup would be a great rivalry like it was in the 50's and 60's. Good fit to replace Nebraska in the North. Would much rather see visitors wearing those classy pig heads and yelling the dignified sooooeeeee, rather than wearing those stupid corn cobs on their heads.

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Extra! Extra! Write the headline

K.U. Rocks Again - Self says "No" to Looney Booney U.

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