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Authorities believe Lana-Leigh Bailey's body was moved to Osage County after killings in Ottawa

I bet he only served a partial sentence out of the 4 year sentence.
Who was the prosecutor who allowed the reduced plea? Fire him/her.
Who is the judge who accepted the reduced plea? Vote him/her out of office.
They may not be doing their job in a diligent manner.

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Hello, New Orleans!

My theory is confirmed. Roy's tension (his inner conflicts and fear of being bested by his replacement HCBS) in playing against Kansas is transfered by osmosis to UNC players causing them to clutch. But agree with Fishman, congrats to Roy for a great season.

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‘Big D’-fense: Ex-Dallas Cowboys coach Campo to head Weis’ defense

Certainly nobody can accuse KU athletics of age discrimination.

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Brock Berglund sad to see Turner Gill go

Why is a 3 star quaterback's opinion so important for a news story? As if he is the prize of the decade for KU recruiting. i could see perhaps if he were the No. 1 five star high school pick quarterback in the nation. But for the LJW to want his advice as to his status in light of the Gill firing, seems to demonstrate how low our football program has sunk. Oklahoma and Texas recruit 3 star players as walk-on practice dummies for their scout teams. I believe Gill should have been given one mre year, but hope we can get a coach who brings KU to respectibility. Hopefully, Berglund will prove to be the quarterback to help do that.

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KU prof's research links slow economy to increase in men's desire for more sexual partners

Chronic starvation results in chronic death by starvation. More starvation = more deaths. The population in Europe during the bubonic plague decreased by about 30 to 40%. There is no evidence that men were getting more amorous in order to reproduce themselves before they died of the Plague. There was no population boom during the bubonic plaque. The baby boom in the U.S. occured after WWII when the world was at peace and men were prospering, not during WWII when men were worried about death. If the good professor is looking at isolated instances of baby booms in war torn countries of Africa, he should also factor in whether that baby boom is spurred by the violence of rape rather than the validation of his theory that men are interested in having children with the women in the village that they are pillaging.

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KU prof's research links slow economy to increase in men's desire for more sexual partners

I stand amazed that the drive for recognition in the academic field spurs professors to come up with headline grabbing theories. It is well known that during times of stress reproduction actaully declines. Men under stress do not perform well in the sexual arena. On the other hand, men who are doing well financially feeling on top of their game and feeling powerful are those who feel most energetic about seeking sexual relationships. Relaxation, not stress, promotes sexual interest, In addition, concerns about death promote stress. I find the theory that men who are thinking about their death are going out and looking for sex to reproduce a rather laughable theory. Men worried about death are much more likely too busy feeding the kids he has kids, going to their doctor, looking for work, putting affairs in order, filling their prescriptions and worried about their declining bank balance and declining libido to be thinking about having babies to feed and raise.

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Climate change could have dangerous spider crawling northward

Goodness, this is remarkedly like the article on the Brown Recluse spider scare in Lawrence that I recall back in the late 1950's. It had all the mothers and children scarred for months and was the talk of the town. However, back then it was the fact that the Brown recluse was making its way to Lawrence and would soon be arriving to cause mayhem and murder not seen in the Lawrence since Quantrill came through. They are pretty common in Oklahoma -- many people bitten have no reaction or a small red spot and then it goes away. If it does not go away, you go to the doctor, get a steriod creme or pill and then it goes away. But nice to be informed because for some people it can get pretty ugly and need to be aware of the potential problem.

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Did Tyshawn Taylor just get Pipped?

The game against Missouri in Columbia should be a good test.

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City continues street plowing overnight; Wind chill advisory replaces blizzard warning

We have 13 inches of snow on the ground in Tulsa with significant drifting from 30 mph wind gusts. We are pushing it your way. Hunker down.

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City continues street plowing overnight; Wind chill advisory replaces blizzard warning

Michael Landon appeared on the Johnny Carson show when he was dying of Pancreatic Cancer and attributed his cancer to excessive alcohol use. Too much Wiskey.

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