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Demolition crews bring down KU's McCollum Hall

It's not working. So bummed.

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Column: Community shone in support of LHS coach Lewis

Agreed, Tom. Happy to see Coach Lewis reinstated! Way to go, Lawrence! Proud of my hometown.

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Lions’ AD Ron Commons to retire

wonderful man and a great AD! Best of luck to you, Mr. Commons! Enjoy your retirement!!!

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A monument to the ‘least of these’

I rarely engage in arguments on this message board although I read them daily. I sometimes agree with you, but in this case, how rude can you be? Millions of Americans are diagnosed with dementia and the ongoing struggles are going to get even worse as the baby boomer generation ages. To imply that Pitts suffers from dementia AND further more to make light of a woman like Pat Summitt (who has worked her butt off building up an athletic program and guiding and influencing the lives of thousands) SUFFERING from this disease is both callous and low. I urge you to show more compassion towards all people, even if you don't agree with them. As someone who's life has been touched by Alzheimers, I speak from experience. Dementia is a HORRIBLE disease that affects all members of the family and brings about nothing but sadness and despair. Please don't make light of that. Thank you.

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Gay marriage vote in New York may have national impact

Satirical......what are you TALKING about???? Please stop!

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'Real world' on hold for graduating high school seniors in Lawrence

KU Cynic, don't comment on things you know very little about. Between state (standard) tests, AP Tests, and SAT/ACTs, these kids are OVERLY tested. Most college seniors have been accepted to colleges already and typically "shut down" after spring break. Is one more test really going to truly measure what they've learned all year? That being said, they started the policy of opting out of finals more than 15 years ago as a tool that could be used to encourage attendance the last few weeks for seniors. It has worked as an excellent incentive, however.....it isn't foul proof. If you'd read the article fully, you would see that the student who missed more than 5 classes still had to take his finals. The majority of kids will end up taking finals as very few actually have relatively perfect attendance to opt out. Therefore......teachers are still teaching and kids are still learning (and being tested......again) BUT......those kids who have all As (another portion of the needed equation of opting out) and have missed less than 5 class periods (TOTAL for the entire semester) can opt out. Again....the number that this applies to is very small. Please don't try to insinuate that teachers aren't doing their jobs or that it is a waste.

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Neon sign, doughnut recipes from Joe's Bakery sold to KU Memorial Unions

The big cinnamon crispy things were called "pig ears"......or at least that's what my dad would call them when we'd load in the car on a summer night and head to Joe's for a late night "pig ear". Great memories. Good job KU!

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Morris twins sign with agent, will declare for draft

Best of luck to them, they deserve it! Thanks for 3 amazing years!!!

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Now who’s college basketball's No. 1? Topsy-turvy week provides proof of parity

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