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City now has new opening date in mind for Rock Chalk Park recreation center; update on ice rink idea for downtown plaza

This is the first time I've noticed that the rink at the library would have an "ice-like" material. I think that this is a really bad idea. The Topeka zoo has an ice-like material for its skating rink and it's very hard to skate there and not much fun. If we are going to bother with a rink, let's have the real thing.

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Nobel laureate gives speech on morally questionable markets

That headline should "morally questionable," with no hyphen. The rule: never hyphenate compounds with words ending in "-ly" (adverbs).

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Iwig Family Dairy seeking $650,000 in donations to stave off liquidation

We used to buy lots of Iwig milk when it was at Hy-Vee. Unfortunately, as I understand it, Iwig stopped distributing through Hy-Vee and maybe some other large grocers. The did this because the financial numbers didn't work out well when they sold through the grocers. Iwig instead began concentrating on selling through their own stores so that they would not have to sell to the grocers at wholesale prices. While this may make sense in terms of numbers. it certainly led our family away from the milk, We just don't have time to make another stop in our busy days.

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City Hall targets property on Memorial Stadium grounds for transit center

As a nearby resident, I would hate to see that green-space disappear. People currently use it for informal soccer, football, kite flying, and other sports, Also would this facility detract for the route into the campus from the north.

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City recreation leaders not in favor of lighted tennis court plan near Lawrence High

Actually, the movement within tennis is to become a less elite sport. But to become less elite, people like you need to change your attitude and support public facilities for the sport.

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City recreation leaders not in favor of lighted tennis court plan near Lawrence High

this isn't about the LTA; they are just advocates for the recreational needs of the city. Tennis courts are hot in the summer: hot surface and no shade. One way to play in the summer is to play after dark, when the sun goes down and the air cools off. I grew up in the South and public tennis courts were packed on summer nights after dark.

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Contentious issue of lighted tennis courts near LHS to be discussed again by city commissioners

While I am a bit sympathetic to the neighbors (I live near the KU stadium and very much dislike the spillage from its lighting), I am aghast that the city would engage in the massive project of juggling LHS sports facilities without thinking through all the steps, including lighting the tennis courts. Was no one thinking?

That said, I have heard that there are lights that could be used on those courts that would have virtually no off-court spillage. They may cost more, but wouldn't that be a reasonable compromise?

And 8 vs 16 lit courts: for me it's a matter of location, making facilities available throughout the city in ways that minimize driving and allow, kids to young to drive especially, access by foot and bike. The new facility out west will be wonderful but its location will greatly limit foot and bike access.

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Lawrence approves citywide curbside recycling program to begin in October 2014

I worry about pickup only every other week. We currently use Deffenbaugh recycling and fill the bin to the top most weeks with weekly pickup. We are a family of five and conscientiously recycle all eligible items. Will the new bins be larger than the current Deffenbaugh bins?

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Regents applaud Brownback's flat budget for higher education

Ditto to Laredo.
Brownback wants to make Kansas a low-paid third-world country. But that doesn't draw 21st-century jobs. Look at how many corporations are HQ'd in state like New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut that tax people but provide a high quality of life.

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Iwig dairy files for bankruptcy, plans to keep retail stores open for reorganization

Tim Iwig, I hope you're reading these comments. Here's a new possible location: the gas station/convenience store at 9th and Ohio is closing. that would be a good location on a major street and near town. It's also an area that still misses the Merc, which used to be at 9th and Mississippi. It you carried your milk plus as many other products as possible (bread, eggs, etc.) you might have a good business there.

I, too, am someone who bought lots of your milk (5 half-gallons at a time) but just don't have the time to add a stop at your store into an already-busy family schedule. Sorry about that.

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