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Cost of affordable housing project likely to be debated again; update on senior living project; Downtown Lawrence Inc. launches new gift card program

Tough call on the apartment building near Dillons. I'm in complete support of adding more public housing, but I also would very much like to see Dillons add more parking spaces. I find its parking lot too crowded and hard to navigate.

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KU's McCollum Hall comes down Wednesday in 18 seconds with 750 pounds of explosives

This is from an earlier article:

KU has designated a public viewing area: the Oliver Hall parking lot at 19th Street and Naismith Drive, though no activities are planned and the hall will not be open to the public.

Is this still the case?

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Iowa firm likely to create about 20 jobs at Lawrence foam manufacturing plant; Breezedale markers getting restored; Housing Authority seeks to buy apartment building

I'm a supporter of public housing but I'd rather see the building razed to enlarge the cramped (and unsafe) Dillon's parking lot.

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Synthetic ice rink: Not the same as real ice, but serves its purpose

The LJW didn't help matters in lead up to the decision to purchase this "ice" system. Articles referred to "artificial Ice," which I took to mean ice that was made through refrigeration.

Flooding Watson Park is much better: real ice, real skating.

Building all-winter rink would be good, too. (Although we went to KC Ice last weekend and it was great; maybe that's close enough).

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City now has new opening date in mind for Rock Chalk Park recreation center; update on ice rink idea for downtown plaza

This is the first time I've noticed that the rink at the library would have an "ice-like" material. I think that this is a really bad idea. The Topeka zoo has an ice-like material for its skating rink and it's very hard to skate there and not much fun. If we are going to bother with a rink, let's have the real thing.

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Nobel laureate gives speech on morally questionable markets

That headline should "morally questionable," with no hyphen. The rule: never hyphenate compounds with words ending in "-ly" (adverbs).

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Iwig Family Dairy seeking $650,000 in donations to stave off liquidation

We used to buy lots of Iwig milk when it was at Hy-Vee. Unfortunately, as I understand it, Iwig stopped distributing through Hy-Vee and maybe some other large grocers. The did this because the financial numbers didn't work out well when they sold through the grocers. Iwig instead began concentrating on selling through their own stores so that they would not have to sell to the grocers at wholesale prices. While this may make sense in terms of numbers. it certainly led our family away from the milk, We just don't have time to make another stop in our busy days.

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City Hall targets property on Memorial Stadium grounds for transit center

As a nearby resident, I would hate to see that green-space disappear. People currently use it for informal soccer, football, kite flying, and other sports, Also would this facility detract for the route into the campus from the north.

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City recreation leaders not in favor of lighted tennis court plan near Lawrence High

Actually, the movement within tennis is to become a less elite sport. But to become less elite, people like you need to change your attitude and support public facilities for the sport.

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City recreation leaders not in favor of lighted tennis court plan near Lawrence High

this isn't about the LTA; they are just advocates for the recreational needs of the city. Tennis courts are hot in the summer: hot surface and no shade. One way to play in the summer is to play after dark, when the sun goes down and the air cools off. I grew up in the South and public tennis courts were packed on summer nights after dark.

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