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Legislative committee advances 3.4 percent across-the-board budget cut

Balancing the budget on the backs of our kids is shameful. But I guess the Senators voting for this disaster figure that kids can't vote... yet.

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Lawrence legislator angers many with his proposed energy bill

This is funny. Didn't these same groups tout "clean coal" when they wanted the western Kansas powerplant last session... or is clean coal just Holcomb-Hokum?

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Fun is over; the hard part begins

Cal Thomas is a pontificating old fool. Everytime he opens his mouth a moth flies out. Why does this paper run his stale columns?

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State Republicans now looking to cut $300 million from current budget

This isn't all a bad economy. It's bad tax policy.The GOP has coupled Kansas Tax rates to federal rates. When the Bush tax cuts went into effect it led to declining Kansas revenues. Business has received a windfall tax break of $87 million that they didn't even ask for.We pay taxes. Businesses get the tax break. Now were short and the average Joe takes it on the chin. Robin Hood in reverse.

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GOP insists schools can take budget cuts

Simplistic is right. Mike O'Neal's 65% solution is idiotic. In a medical setting, with his logic, surgeons and patients don't need hospitals or surgical equipment for operations and ambulances are unnecessary.These school cuts won't heal... Remember who is responsible for this lunacy when you go to the polls.

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Campbell spending, raising more than Meissner in State Board of Education race

Carolyn's Community and Public Service¢ Topeka USD 501 board of education, 1995-2007; board president, 1997-99 and 2006-07¢ State of Kansas 2010 Commission 2005-present¢ National Federation Urban-Suburban School Districts, president, 2005-06, vice president, 2004-05¢ Kansas Association of School Boards regional vice president, 2003-2006¢ Kansas QPA committee, member, 1998¢ Kettering Foundation faculty member, 2002¢ YWCA board member, 2001-2007¢ Sheldon Head Start policy council, 2002-present¢ Kansas Advisory Council on Intergovernmental Relations, member, 2004-08¢ Telephone Pioneers of America, past president Topeka Life Members, 1994¢ U. S. District Attorney Citizens Academy member, 2007¢ Shawnee County Court Appointed Special Advocate, 1993-95¢ YouthFriends volunteer and co-founder of Topeka High School Circle of Women, 1999-2008¢ Eventide Nursing Home; Avondale East Elementary volunteer, 1977-84 and 1992-present¢ Dr. Martin Luther King Living the Dream Committee, 2003-present¢ Kansas African American Affairs Commission, coordinator of statewide voter registration drive, 2004¢ Governor's Martin Luther King Day Celebration, 2005¢ Lifelong member of St. Mark's A.M.E. Church.Carolyn looks pretty qualified to me.

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Evolution evidence?

All science trembles before the searing logic of Sheldon's fiery intellect. Surely he must be a candidate for our Kansas State Board of Education.

October 22, 2008 at 11:03 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Evolution can't be ignored in board of ed race

Interesting turn-a-round... Meissner solidly supported teaching intelligent design when he last ran in 2004. If you buy this transformation would you say his position has "evolved?"I don't buy it and will vote for Carolyn Campbell. Carolyn may help keep Kansas off Leno and Letterman and our kids out of the middle ages.

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