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Sound Off: Could you decode the crosswalks at the Lawrence Arts Center and at 12th and Kentucky? I’m

"should be recognizable to drivers" - except those who are color-blind. My color-blind friend often has to stop at any signal, and wait for someone behind him to honk so that he will know that it has turned green. How about a vertical bar for go, and an X for stop?

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Post presence: Assistant coach Manning making most of ‘great spot’ on KU bench

Apparently Christian Moody played professional basketball in Australia, and is now in med school at KU.

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Medicare debate all about the baby boomers

The example healthcare decision that jocknavals cites is not driven by profits, as jocknavals implies. The decision to prolong life at any cost is a choice that many patients and families make. The fear of death drives that type of decision. jocknavals is right on the point that these social norms need to be rethought. In addition to end-of-life healthcare decisions, we as a society also need to decide to hold people accountable for making unhealthy life choices that result in chronic and expensive health problems. The idea that we can do whatever we want and expect others to pay for it is not right and our current trend toward that kind of thinking needs to be reversed. Otherwise, we are going to bankrupt ourselves.

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North Lawrence intersection on track for overhaul

Wouldn't it make more sense to work on that intersection at the same time that the East Lawrence Turnpike interchange is closed? Traffic will be drastically reduced by being re-routed to the West Lawrence interchange. Why do we want this work to be done before the interchange is closed?

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Anti-SLT letter going to the feds

Wetlands are great. So let's build the SLT on the 32nd street alignment and then we will have a LOT MORE wetlands. (Won't it go from something like 400 to 720 acres of wetlands?) One would think that anybody who loves wetlands would jump at the chance to get MORE wetlands, so close to the city!

The SLT will save fuel and reduce emissions from vehicles because they will not be stopped at traffic lights on 23rd street. One would think that the environmentalists would be in favor of the SLT.

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