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House delivers mammoth tax cut bill to Brownback, who says he is prepared to sign it

Why doesn't brown back just declare his candidacy for 2016 now...this is 100% politics at its worst. I wish all teabaggers would just secede and be done with it. Let them have their own debt free, anti-gay government of one on there own turf.

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Obama announces support for gay marriage

He's "for it" in what way? Does this mean he thinks it should be allowed at a federal level or its still up to states to decide?

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Knology upgrade disrupts customer email, maintenance affects internet service

gmail. I don't know why people mess with any local provider anyways for mail accounts....there is very little guarantee you'll be able to keep your email more than a couple of years. Pick a big-dog like gmail or microsucks, they'll more reliable, more compatible on different devices, and stick around much longer.

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Bill seeks to allow smoking in Kansas bars

Time to make tobacco smoking illegal. Idiotic that its not since other less harmful substance ARE.

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Knology upgrade disrupts customer email, maintenance affects internet service

"Internal Router Maintenance"...if its planned maintenance like this, shouldn't they notify customers they might need to restart their routers? As opposed to leaving us all wondering why our internet isn't working?

Good riddance knology.

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Behind the Lens: Game Over

Slow news day?

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Crimson and feeling blue

I'm neither down nor blue. We had and amazing team this year that are the definition of hard work and perserverance. So we lost a game; look who we lost it to, its not like it was Mizzouri or some other crappy team. Kentucky had a killer team this year, who will probably all be in the NBA next year.

T-Rob, Ty, Withey, Releford, Elijah, Teahan, Young, etc all worked their butts off and got us farther than I dreamed was possible at the beginning of the year. VERY proud to be a Jayhawk today!

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Sound Off: What was KU’s record when the team won the national basketball title in 2008? In 1988?

All remaining teams are either red or blue. We're the only one that is red and blue. FATE!

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FINAL: KU overcomes 10-point, second-half deficit, defeats Purdue, 63-60

Hard-won game, way to bring it back to a W hawks!

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Proud K-Stater from Woodlawn School named Lawrence Elementary Teacher of the Year

K-stater? Man, they've really lowered the bar on this one.

-congrats :)

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