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Obama wins re-election

Obama,ok, but 4 more years of Biden? Sigh...

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Obama wins re-election

Amen livingstone

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Obama wins re-election

The fact they can call it this early, even though Romney currently has more of the popular vote shows just how messed up our election system & the electoral college is. 2 Billion dollars in campaign money; the question is will anything change or will Republicans and Democrats continue to stop each other at ever move in the House and Senate.

Our two-party system has only one party more than the communists...just sayin'.

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Lawrence police working to identify adult who sent sexual pictures to child

Hate to be that guy, but why give a pre-teen a cell? And better yet why enable texting? Unplug your children; this could have been simply some guy sending it to his girlfriend and typoing the phone num. or it could have been spam. Or it could be some perv who preys upon kids with phones. Moral is: if they didn't have a cell phone, they wouldn't have seen the pictures.

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Sound Off: How many chancellors has Kansas University had?

One too many...

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KU enrollment falls, but freshman class grows for first time since 2008

We fall in rankings, we fall in numbers. Enough said.

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Brownback says asking for 10 percent cuts in state agencies just first step in budget review process

Tax cuts for the rich and less funding for the poor...gotta love republicans.

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Kansas could face big costs in redistricting lawsuit

Of course the state should pay, if the court rules in the plaintiff's favor. Why should citizens be forced to pay to regain their constitutional rights? The state is the one who botched this.

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Employee cited after vehicle crashes into 31st Street restaurant

!Ay caramba! Muy lo siento taco hombre. Hasta la vista, baby.

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