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Joe-College.com ordered to pay Kansas Athletics more than $660,000

Can't believe the comments here. The Joe College shirts sold because they're cheap (sic). Why? The crook didn't pay the licensing fees. This was no mistake or oversight. It was willful violation of the law. Everyone else is playing by the rules and JC shouldn't be subject to them? No tear shed here. I also can't wait for the tasteless shirts to wear out and get thrown in the trash. Our coach can eat your coach? Grow up and pay up.

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Eco-devo to-do list

Further to the second eight points...

Check out the MySpace page attached below. Anthony is the team lead for the developer who is asking for city funds (tax payer dollars) on the proposed industrial park near the Lawrence airport.


Are these the hands in which we want our tax payer dollars?

"If our political leaders want to treat "economic development" as mere excuse to reward their friends, they should continue to do what they're doing" hits the nail on the head.

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