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Activist Sandra Fluke to speak at KU in March

You have no idea what you are talking about what you blithely assert, "I am sure..." All you do is expose your bias and ignorance.

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Note to court: Effect is a noun; affect is a verb ... except when they're not

The description, "highly educated, veteran jurists" does not mean what you think it means. It just means that they went to school for a long time. Maybe when KU reduces the length of time it takes to earn a law degree jurists will learn to make fewer mistakes...or maybe more.

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Family man: KU’s Travis Releford relishes fatherhood

Some people who seem to admire this arrangement don't know or see the difference between a "baby daddy" and a father. The statistics are not political and it is not a matter of 'commitment': No father means a tremendous increase in the likelihood of jail, drug use, truancy, and dropping out. Face the facts. Happy talk is not a substitute for reality, just because 'reality shows' seem to have become a substitute for reality.

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New KU program allows students to complete bachelor's, law degrees in six years

One year faster to reach unemployment?

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United Way about $900,000 short of goal; leaders to extend donation timeframe

Research shows that people in red/liberal areas traditionally are less charitable than those in blue/conservative. They expect the government to do what charities traditionally did. Just compare Joe Biden's and Mitt Romney's tax returns.

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Sound Off: Ohio State is 12-0 and is not listed in the BCS standings. Everyone assumes that if Alaba

If you are looking to the NCAA for a rational -- or even fair -- decision -- you are looking in the wrong place. Besides, Ohio State already has more money than Croseus. It is hard to feel sorry for them. Life was simpler and better when NCAA football seasons were ten regular season games and perhaps a bowl game for twenty decent teams. Now it is more of a circus, minor league professional football, non-student athletes, and a beauty contest for the NFL. And where fired coaches get multi-million dollar buy outs and schools refuse to pay agreed upon conference exit fees.

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Lawrence school official thankful for increase, 'scared to death' of impact of Brownback tax cuts

"Investing in education" is a misleading canard. It is not an investment; it is a huge expense. And it is not an investment in a student's education, it is an expenditure primarily on pensions, healthcare costs and administration. And it is not an investment in student learning; there is little evidence that dollars spent produce more or better education, just more expenses. The public education lobby is massive, especially in states like California and New York. They lobby for teachers, not for students or for education. And as long as you have to be rich enough to live in a 'good' school district, 'public education' is not open to the public but rather to the rich people who live in that district, creating their own private enclave and working hard to keep the general public out of public schools. 'Public education' is an expensive middle-class entitlement that negatively impacts the poor.

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KU’s law school drops again in national rankings, while 12 programs make top 10

(131 + 165 +165)/37 is more like 12 to 1. And if you ADD the part-time faculty, it would lower the ratio, not increase it, more like 10 to 1.

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KU looking at ways to maintain affordability

At some point Kansas has to decide what 'public' means in 'public university'. Forget that silly term, "state-supported," used by public universities to try to shame the state into more support, while all the time spending money mindlessly on administration, public relations, non-revenue sports, counseling and 'student life' activities, and less on actual instruction and learning. Does 'public' mean that anyone in the state should be able to attend at a price he or she likes? Does it mean that anyone with a high school degree should be admitted? "Need-based" financial aid, in the name of making a college education 'affordable' has simply shifted the cost to those who don't 'deserve' 'need-based' aid, and sent out the message that "You all come to KU! Forget the cost! Have we got an affordable deal for you!" And, like 'affordable' mortgages, 'affordable' college becomes an expensive nightmare, supported by stupid legislation like "dream acts" for even more foolish acceptances and debt. Every college wants to have the best faculties, the best faculty, and the lowest costs. It can't be done without robbing someone to pay the bill.

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Stipends for student-athletes? KU has mixed feelings

Sorry, but he doesn't 'deserve' a degree. He has to earn it, play by the rules, and enjoy an opportunity to compete not available to 99.9% of the population. It means putting the 'student' in 'student' athlete. A better argument would be to have the NBA -- or the athlete -- pay back their scholarship to the school based on their NBA earnings. A lot of people defer their income until later in their career. No one in his right mind assumes he should make a living being a student, even as an athlete. Where is your sense of perspective?

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