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Farmers and ranchers asked to embrace drone technology

"... this plane carried some of the same surveillance technology that the U.S. military has been employing in its Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or “drones,”"

Yeah, I don't think we need more military surveillance in civilian skies. I would much prefer:

Colorado Town Proposes $100 Drone Bounty

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Lawrence couple build an eco-friendly, round home

Confucius say: Calculate square feet in round house, easy as pi.

In this case, the diameter of a 2100sf. house would be a little under 52 feet across...probably pretty close based on the appearance of the (standard?) 36" / 3' front door.

Down side is building materials are generally made for square houses/corners and standard 8' ceilings. A lot of wasted corners/ends in circle construction.

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Kansas’ budget shortfall narrows as revenue picture brightens

Seems logical. Cutting income tax a little means people had just a bit more money in their pockets... which they then spent right back into the economy...making the whole thing go back 'round and netting the state additional income on the sales side.

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Kansas man accidentally shoots wife with gun at Lenexa restaurant

Yeah, 'cause if there are two places you know to be safe, it's steak houses and movie theaters!

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SLT 2nd most expensive project on state’s list

Kansas is doing OK - millions in surplus I believe. (It's mainly a 'blue' Douglas county surrounded by a 'red' state, don't forget) It's the Federal Government which is not only broke, but has mortgaged our futures, our kids futures and our kids,kids futures with debit.

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SLT 2nd most expensive project on state’s list

Interestingly, the state had offered to extend the wetlands by several hundred acres, add visitors centers and trails in exchange for the small scrap of land for the highway - but this would increase the cost by millions.

As it stands, I don't think an 'agreement' was ever reached - time simply ran out and the opposition failed to make additional court filings. Does this mean no additional swamp, no visitors center and a lower overall cost for the project?

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Natural gas prices expected to rise for first time in three years, local gas supplier predicts

Obama has pumped billions of taxpayer dollars into failed solar companies...does that count?

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Prison chief says 10 percent budget cut would hurt public safety

Your initial statement seems to be false. 5x16 = 80, yet here is bread .69 per loaf:

Topeka HyVee ‏@topekahyvee

.69 cent sandwich bread on sale NOW. This deal is for everyone and once it's gone.... it's gone.

It's probably cheaper than that if you can find a day-old bread outlet and/or buy in bulk and/or ...gulp...have a work detail at the prison make their own bread from bulk ingredients. But then that would be A) work and B) teach a skill which could be used on re-entering society.

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Color Run Lawrence

Lung cancer or Asthma cure perhaps...judging from the photos! I'm wondering if a liquid pigment might be more conducive to actually being able to breathe while running?

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City to use effluent water for irrigation


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