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LHS loses QB, falls to Ravens, 21-3

The freshman team has fewer than 27 players this year. They DO NOT have more players than ever! Check some numbers before you make quotes. Many members of the current team are out or stay out not for the coaches but rather for their love of the game or for their teammates. Those two "men" treat kids horribly. Stop by a practice on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Now I understand, tough is defined as being called an MF and GDed during practice by people with no compassion. True coaching involves more than cursing and yelling. Sit back, have your son get you another beer and then curse him while you smack him around for it not being cold enough.

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LHS loses QB, falls to Ravens, 21-3

Dirk Wedd and Adam Green are fools. . Their stupidity has nothing to do with wins and losses so spare me the talk about griping only after a loss. How long should Lawrence High fans have to put up with the ranting and raving of these two idiots?. Good kids are not playing football at lHS because they don't want to play for these two jokers.

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