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Symphony in the Flint Hills 2009

I've attended the Symphony in the Flinthills the past three years and it has been a fantastic experience each year. I particularly enjoyed it last year near Council Grove/Morris County. This year was very good, but I think the little town of Florence got a bad deal. Some of the larger towns (El Dorado, Emporia, etc.) had events going on which overshadowed what Florence was trying to do in conjunction with this event. If you are ever in Florence, stop by the Mercantile. It won't disappoint! Some of the little antique shops were fabulous as well.

Thanks for writing this, Linda, however, I was hoping to keep this event a big secret! When 6,000 tickets sell out in two hours, you know what a big draw this is!

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Legislature ponders Medicaid oversight role

It doesn't matter where it is housed - it will still be messed up.... Most Medicaid employees sit in their cubicles and waste KS taxpayers money. It's called "job security" for them - it's called "waste" for those of us that do work hard every day. But our esteemed governor who has done such a bang-up job managing Medicaid will soon be in charge of health care for ALL Americans. Watch out.....

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The African Email Scam (Part 1)

Love it! I have responded to this jerk before, however, my response was more along the lines of "f**k you"!

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Baby Mangino bowls over the competition for 2008 Sports Human of the Year honor

Thank you, Gootsie, for clarifying my post...Each time Mr. Marchiony is quoted in the newspaper, I have to laugh! As a spokesman for the KU Athletic Department, you might think he would be a bit more upbeat with all of KU athletic successes, but never so. However, I suppose he always keeps his quotes a bit deadpan and dry as not to face the wrath of Lew...

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Baby Mangino bowls over the competition for 2008 Sports Human of the Year honor

Mr. Marchiony - do you have a personality?

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No More Joy in Joyland

Oh yes, I forgot! Did anyone ever get the experience of riding the wooden roller coaster at Elitch Gardens in Denver! Wow! Another great amusement park memory...

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No More Joy in Joyland

Lisa, thanks so much for reminding me of Joyland fun. You described it so perfectly - it was almost like I was there right now! My brother, sister and I grew up in a very small northeast KS town, but our bestest aunt and uncle and favorite cousins lived in Wichita! We spent many a great time at Joyland in the late 60's! As a child, I thought going to Wichita was like a dream come true - Joyland, the huge swimming pool off of Central, and Cowtown! Another old maid auntie was a cook at Cowtown and so we got to spend quite a lot of time there and also eat that yummy fried chicken, homemade biscuits, etc! Sure don't get to enjoy that any more..... Anyway, thanks for the walk down memory lane...

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Would you join a union if one were available in your field?

nverlost, I'm sorry, I'm obviously not as smart as you, so please clarify for me.... So, are you saying that union workers don't show up, don't work hard, and complain? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Also, is it a good thing that a Mexican worker will move on to the next job for a better opportunity? Is that good for the employer? I guess I'm the simpleton here, because I absolutely don't understand your response at all. I do know, however, that many union workers are hard workers, trying to raise a family, own a home, and do the right thing.

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Would you join a union if one were available in your field?

Bowhunter 99, my husband never "coasted" through a day of his working life as a union member. Up until the last day before he retired, he was on the job when he was supposed to be and did quality work - as any skilled craftsman in a union would do. Your comments that unions protect the worthless and promote laziness is totally incorrect. But, as I stated before, we are headed in the direction of unions becoming a thing of the past, so you will get your wish. We will have illegal aliens come to our country and do work at a very cheap wage, because - yes (to their credit), they actually want to work. We, in America, on the other hand, have millions of folks on some sort of government "system" and hey, that is a much easier job than going out and learning and trade and working hard and honestly to make your way. Personally, I think we should be worrying more about people who could work (at any job for that matter, union or non-union), but don't, because our tax payer dollars are making that possible for them.

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Would you join a union if one were available in your field?

My husband belonged to a union for 30 years and recently retired at the age of 48 with full retirement benefits. Throughout the years, the union provided us with wonderful health insurance and great job security. Right now, the union hires workers into their apprentice programs and they make a very good wage and once they become trained journeyman their salaries go up even more. The problem is - no one wants to be a skilled labor/craftsman anymore as it doesn't involve sitting on your butt behind a desk and checking your e-mail all day long. To those who are bashing unions, don't worry, they will go away, as we are a country full of American cry-babies who don't really want to work hard or basically work at all.

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