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After 14 years, Eric Chenowith earns KU degree

That's down right funny.

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KU officials decide not to pursue civil lawsuit against defendants convicted in athletic ticket scandal

Shouldn't the article say an "estimated $2 million dollars"?

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Kansas linebacking corps deeper in 2011

1. Darius (what you talking about) Willis
2. Huldon (on to the runner) Tharp
3. Steven (will knock you in the) Johnson
4. Tunde (the butcher) Bakare
5. Malcom (in the middle) Walker

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KU's Brock Berglund pleads not guilty to assault charge

Yea like no other 17-18 year olds have ever had to stick up for their gf, sisters or moms.

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Former Lawrence police Chief Ron Olin to leave $115,000 job at Kansas Athletics

You might want to retract some of your statement about paying Olin's salary while working for the KU Athletic Dept. KU Athletics is seperate from the university and funds the salaries of those working for Zenger. I do believe though that the head coaches have a small portion of their salary paid by the university.

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KU QB Brock Berglund to appear in court Monday; lawyer releases statement

Brock was one of only 3 high school seniors to show up early. He got homesick and Gill did the right thing. He would have been here for the summer workouts if this situation hadn't occurred.

How many drug tests did Mangino allow Talib and a couple of other guys to fail and remain on the team?

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Back in action: RB Brandon Bourbon cleared to return from injury

Great to hear about BB.

Concerning Smith, good thing rb is a position that is loaded.

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KU tight-end combo: Mundine will add excitement to Biere’s consistency

Is Mundine even in Lawrence? Last I heard he was in some kind of situation and went home to TX.

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Safety nets: McDougald, Terry offer upside, chemistry in secondary

These two guys could be All BIG12 performers before they are through here at KU.

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In the trenches: KU’s offensive line healthy, experienced

Those 5 - 6 guys staying healthy will be the difference between KU winning 6 or 7 games compared to 3 or 4.

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