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Romney's VP pick Ryan has Kansas connection via Brownback

Facts like he has spent more money on entitlements than any other president and that even though he promised to end the lobbyists in DC, he's hired many of them as aids and czars.

Also the fact unemployment as been over 8% longer than at any other time in history.

I could go on and on, but need to catch up on my reading of our Jayhawks.

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Chiefs open training camp healthy, hopeful

They need to sign Dezmon Briscoe.

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Obama’s public approval ratings hard to explain

Very impressed with this article.

Goes to show you how ignorant some people can be by blindly following their leader without any kind of thought of their own. Works for both parties.

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Former Lawrencian Ty Hensley goes pro with Yankees

He's probably playing in one of their rookie leagues that might not show up as a minor league team.

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Brownback signs bill blocking use of Islamic law

Sign it! This isn't about whether or not we believe in freedom of religion (which we do), it's about keeping Muslim Laws that are very anti female out of our state.

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Public broadcasting dealt setback in House Appropriations Committee

Everybody wants lower taxes, a quality school system and a smoother running government, but no one wants any of their "special" programs have the fat cut off of them.

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Name recognition: Jayhawks get big name — Charlie Weis

A lot of the negative posts on here are by people that do their best to ridicule and downgrade who ever the article is about or the writer himself. They don't speak for us true JAYHAWK fans.

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Jayhawks land Waco, Texas TE Jordan Smith

As far as great athletes, there are two kinds. The ones with characture issues and the ones without. I'm glad HCTG is going the latter route. It will pay off bigtime in the long run.

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Going out in style: WR Patterson (‘Mighty Mouse’) hoping for big season

Really like this guy. Class act and so is his dad.

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