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Saturday Column: ‘16 presidential election is political fork in the road

There it is folks, in all its glory. Brace yourself for LJW endorsing Donald Trump. After all, this is the same newspaper that endorsed our education governor, Sam Brownback. Twice. Such wisdom should not go unnoticed. And how about that Kansas budget?! Yessir, that's a beauty.


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Saturday Column: Clinton coronation may not benefit party, nation

My point exactly, but the bigger issue here is that the owners of this paper aren't journalists. They're political hacks for the GOP. It's nothing more than that.

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Saturday Column: Clinton coronation may not benefit party, nation

Credibility of the comments by the LJW editorial staff should be taken in the context that this is the same newspaper that endorses the fiscal bankrupting of Kansas by the current state administration.

The Republican Party has a much bigger liberal candidate issue than madam Clinton. The name? Jeb Bush. Conservatives are foaming at the mouth and sharpening their razor blades in preparation for policies they cannot support.

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Taxpayers footing the bill for hundreds of flights that KU defends as essential

To put this into perspective, yesterday the paper boasted Kansas tax revenue up $22 million like it was some huge accomplishment in our march to decades of red ink. Finding KU may have spent $1.20 of taxpayer money per Kansas resident, assuming no factual errors in this article and quotes from conservative leaning pundits, we should be equally outraged in return. The guv'ner's magic working, KU spending it all on frivolous travel.

Please. Someone just turn the lights out on this thing

Back to my crossword puzzle, the real reason I still subscribe to the paper.

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Brownback touts economic growth for rise in February revenue

Someone paid for the education of some of the posters above but appears they didn't pay attention in class from their improper word usage, poor grammar and misspellings. Back to grade school for a couple of you.

If your house is on fire or you need police, someone has to pay for that. Same with when you flush your toilet and put out the trash for the city to pick up. Those potholes on the state highways? Yep, someone does that work and you expect it. That somehow no one should have to pay for the services every modern society needs, that's pure hogwash. Surely you want to pay for Kris Kobach's bloated salary so he can run around looking for solutions to problems that don't exist, don't you?

An inconvenient truth is that $22 million divided by the billions the state will ultimately be in the red ink is a laugh. Sounds like a lot of money until you compare the two. This is like crowing over a penny you found on the ground when what you needed was a $20 dollar bill. Brownback and his staff of crooks working for the Koch Brothers are scratching and clawing for any bit of news they can to put lipstick on this pig (cue Sarah Palin wink, nod, smile).

I was at lunch with three other small corporation owners like myself a year Brownback was elected. Someone said, "how many people are you going to hire with all that new Brownback money?" We looked at each other and everyone started laughing, but it didn't last long. So the question, "I'd like to hear from someone that owns their own business," just got answered. The trickle down theory was never anything more than a lie.

There's no fiscal responsibility in what's going on in Topeka. It's a ruse. Budgets, if they're ever balanced, will be so on the backs of the middle class, poor working families and children, not guys like me. No successful business can operate like Brownback's experiment in Topeka. We're a long, long way into this "theory" the governor is testing out. Why is our state lagging so far behind if his ideas are so great?

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Editorial: Liquor sales

Makes mental note to self: Huffington Post study quoted by LJW editorial staff. January 19, 2015, surely a date to remember. Someone in IT at LJW may want to start checking the cache and cookies on staff computers and report to owners. Pretty sure cruising HP on World Company time would be solid grounds for termination.

Everyone knows Kansas' liquor laws are from the dinosaur age, if you believe in dinosaurs. Clear most in this state do not. All boils down to how much money the grocery store lobby is pumping into the Republican-led legislature. That'll determine the outcome, not common sense.

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City Commission, East Lawrence neighborhood go back and forth on Ninth Street proposal

Finally, finally, an article that exposes the frustration so many property owning residents in East Lawrence have known for so long.

Let me state this very clearly as a former ELNA Board Member: the association does not represent the values of this neighborhood and has no interest in doing so. ELNA is simply a small group of like-mind activists whose central theme is to oppose any kind of change, particularly if it involves any action that might improve property values. It's certainly their right to organize and do so. It's not their right to pretend they represent everyone.

Commissioner Jeremy Farmer's comment "ELNA is not very representative of the actual residents of East Lawrence," is spot on. There's a growing group of residents in this area that are fed up and are starting to organize.

Chad Lawhorn, I welcome you to contact me so I can introduce you to a group of residents of the East side that do not share the neighborhood association's values. It's high time another side of the story is heard.

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Kobach to have clay-shooting fundraiser

Will they using semi-automatic rifles?

Before some of you go postal, I grew up with guns in west central Kansas. Don't get the need for lack of background checks and all this b.s. the NRA is preaching. The people we hunted with out there, they weren't like that long ago and they still aren't. Don't know who they are but they certainly are a bunch of blathering idiots.

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Brownback to lead river float trip

You made my day.

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Prepare to relax, savor at the most intimate restaurant in Lawrence

Sara, I'm enjoying your reviews of the food scene in Lawrence. You're digging out some pretty thoughtful information in a town that's not necessarily the greatest but has a few gems of interest.

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