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Suspect in Wednesday bank robbery arrested

I personally know Larry Eugene Martin, and I can tell you he is always plotting and looking for an angle. His crimes have had a steady progression over the years, and if he is not dealt with properly there is no telling how far he may go and how much he may risk. If he does not care enough to lead a productive life for his own personal morals and society that has to live and revolve around him, how much farther is he willing to go, and who will be hurt in the process? Good job LPD.

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I have been a shopper at Alvin's for a few years, and the reason I keep going back is because I live two blocks away. I share the same opinion as others who have written reviews. The staff at Alvin's act like they could care less that you're in their store. The are always eating at the counter watching TV, or reading something. At one point while shopping their I ask one of them if they carried a certain bottle of wine, and his reply was "I don't know" he then turned to the other staff member their and said "I guess if I'm gonna work here I should get to know what we have in the store." The store is clean and well stocked, but their employees are the worst I've ever encountered while shopping. If a business wants to have a good staff working for them that deal with the public, they should take them to Alvin's on 6th street and simply tell them "See what these employee's are doing? Do just the opposite and you'll be fine."

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