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No defense for KU coach Turner Gill

Give me a break! Get rid of this guy. He is so out of his element. Number one; not a strong mind (looks like he is off in space and stunned that his "strategy" is not working). Number two; not a strong hand with the players. Number three; has failed to execute. Coaching is a world of hyper-accountability. It is all about the "W". He does not have enough... nothing personal TG, but you gotta go. AD-pull the trigger soon and save your job!

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Lawrence city commissioners to consider developers' proposal to allow artificial turf for landscaping

Typical Fritzel move..... do what he wants and then plead ignorance. He and his family have been developing and building in this city for decades, don't insult the city by saying you "didn't know". I call BS!

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New KU athletic director Sheahon Zenger has deep local roots

What? "Did not talk to Gray until after Cunningham turned down the job"? What kind of a monkey business search committe was this group? To only have had one candidate speak to the Chancellor is completely irresponsible. Typical KU bs.........

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Amarr Garage Doors lays off 19 employees in Lawrence, citing seasonal downturn

Obamarocks-your Obama does not rock! Stop the rumoring..... no way it would close.

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Amarr Garage Doors lays off 19 employees in Lawrence, citing seasonal downturn

Here is the thing about Amarr. They do this every year... does that make it right, no! But, employees should expect this by now. The real problem is the leaders are idiots. They don't think beyond 30 days out. They don't understand how impactful their lack of insight really is, because they are pulling down the big dollars and don't feel the pain. I worked at Amarr, not for 8 years, but for a long enough period to have been involved in these discussions. I know the strategy and I know the people making the decisions. Not once have they ever considered what they are doing to people. They have lost the majority of leaders that I respected, so the decisions are being made by the 'leftover leaders" who don't give a hoot.....

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Kansas will find another good choice for athletic director

I speak the truth. If she is putting such clauses in the contract, we should suspect her.... The old "whoever smelt it, dealt it" theory rings true. She puts clauses in the contract that she believes are something that he might consider. The truth is, she is probably doing the exact things. I'm just sayin.... look within Ms. Gray-Litte.

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Lawrence city commissioners cancel Tuesday night meeting

Gives Lance and his family more time to enjoy their shame spiral!

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Lawrence City Commissioner Lance Johnson being sued over $1.95M bank loan

Congratulations Jennifer and Lance! You have done a fantastic job of building a horrible reputation. All of your hard work is null now that you are known for your fantastic way of handing your financial matters. Pack up, move, start over! Lawrencians will never forget this stuff......

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Bottlecap business to make arts festival debut

justice for girls sells these caps... not unique.

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