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Wicked Broadband project seeks $500,000 city grant; downtown hotel project seeks adjustment to incentives package; historical society seeks $20k for new exhibit

Please don't give any more money to Josh Montgomery. He's really good at telling people what they want to hear and then never fulfilling those visions. Plus, because he's a "local" service he seems to believe that the City needs to subsidize his operations. How many of the Freenet subscribers were low-income? I bet it falls way short of his initial pitch that he told the Commission. The sad thing is, there's no way for the City to recoup any of the money once it gets handed over to Montgomery and he falls way short on his promises.

As for Compton, does Lawrence have vacancy problems with hotel rooms? I can't imagine that there's that many people visiting Lawrence often enough to support another hotel. I understand KU events bring in people, but those are specific events and we have a lot if hotels it seems like already. While I appreciate development of the downtown area, I don't want to see another Riverfront Mall failure (which, ironically, is now partially a hotel) just because some developer only sees the money to be immediately made in construction.

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Residents upset at theft of American flags from retirement community

I don't know if it's related, but I did see a guy walking down the 1500 block of Tennessee St. yesterday carrying an American flag on a short pole. However, I don't think it was a 7-foot tall flag since it did not appear to be larger than the guy carrying it. That's so sad, though, that someone would steal American flags. Good ol' Lawrence, can't leave anything outside not locked down for fear of it being stolen.

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Sound Off: Why in warm or hot weather does it always smell like raw sewage between Sixth and Tenness

KU owns their infrastructure, including water and sewer pipes. That's why KU's stuff doesn't show up on the city website - it's not city owned or maintained.

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Bill aimed at online piracy panned by Internet companies, Kansas Congressional delegation

There are other modes of copyright beyond the heavy-handed uses employed by the MPAA and the RIAA. Things like the GNU license or Creative Commons would be threatened under SOPA since SOPA assumes the traditional copyright standards to all content on the internet. We should be having a discussion about privacy and copyright in the 21st century, but SOPA and PIPA want to ensure that that discussion never even begins. Cut it off at the head, so to speak.

It's okay, though; people take the internet for granted so it is only a matter of time before they acquiesce to this kind of control.

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KU linguistics professor tabbed for annual Budig teaching award

Way to go, Dr. Sereno! I loved her "Language and Mind" class; she's such an engaging teacher and she made everything fascinating. She won a Kemper Award that semester, if I remember correctly. She definitely deserves the recognition!

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City to look at policy that would transfer money from utility rates into general fund

Sewer rates reflect the amount of energy and resources it takes to not only treat wastewater, but to also comply with the limits of our NPDES permit. It is really expensive to run a wastewater treatment plant, but it is worth it since its effluent is sent back into the river (unless you want the people downstream to be literally drinking our poop). On top of that, the sewer rates also help maintain the sanitary sewer system, which, I don't know about you, but I like walking around outside and not encountering raw sewage and I like having what I flush stay flushed. If I have to pay $4.94/1000 gallons a month to ensure that my community stays healthy then sure, that's money incredibly well spent. Complaining about having to pay for a decent sanitary sewer system is totally a first world problem. Somewhere, there is a small orchestra of polio-ridden children playing just for you.

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City to look at policy that would transfer money from utility rates into general fund

False. Water in the LA area costs $4.59/1000 gallons ($3.437/100 cu. ft. for Schedule A residents for first quarter 2011-2012) whereas water in Lawrence costs $3.52/1000 gallons.


Lawrence water rates are actually competitive with the surrounding cities. People get confused by the water bill because it includes water, sewer, trash, stormwater, and state taxes. Sewer rates are going to be higher than water because it takes a lot more energy, time, and resources to treat wastewater than drinking water. Unless you think that the wastewater plant runs on magic (although the microbiology of it is kind of magical).

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Statehouse Live: Brownback to be keynoter at Kansas Policy Institute's annual event

"People act economically rational," [Brownback] said.

No, they do not. If they did then there would be an economic theory out there that would work perfectly and you wouldn't have things like people going $100,000 in debt for a theology degree (and yes, I know someone that did that). In fact, the current economic health of the nation is proof positive that people don't act rationally with regards to economics.

But Brownback and all the other people at the KPI can keep thinking that if helps them rationalize their own irrational policies.

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Graduates saddled with student loans may pay dearly for decades to come

It took me 6 years to graduate with my degree because I couldn't take going to school full-time and working part time to support myself. KU seemed mostly okay with me doing this - definitely didn't discourage me from doing it.

I think you are mainly talking about the tuition compact that freshman can sign up for that locks your tuition in for 4 years. You don't have to sign up for it, and in my case it didn't apply to me since I was a transfer student with more than 60 credit hours.

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Faith Forum: What's your favorite book of the bible?

Leviticus and Luke: the two opposite ends of the Bible spectrum. Luke tells us that we need to have compassion and love for everyone and Leviticus says we need to shun the homosexuals and not get tattoos.

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