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Lawrence man faces federal prosecution for stolen handgun

I don't think there are any federal suspended driving laws. Illegal drugs in Kansas with git you about 1/2 day in jail and a $500 fine. The federal gun law is by far the worst.

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Rules tighten on TANF recipients

que the whiners!

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Lawrence man faces federal prosecution for stolen handgun

No there are less criminals in Europe becuase the courts are tougher and the citizens don't have the rights that American's do. Ask Amanda Knox about how the Italian police and courts work.

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City of Lawrence begins using new automated trash truck

The one's I have seen have a camera system so that the driver has the point of view of the arm. I don't know if ours have that. It is just like a back up camera.

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Woman arrested after high-speed chase

Look at the booking recap.

Another offender not charged by the joke Branson.

They only charged one of the 5 chrages she was booked on.
See the story about the guy with a gun also only filed one charge.

Dio you charge on all of them and then drop some as a plea deal later. If you only have one what are you going to deal with at trial time.

The paper should do a story about amount of charges that the DA drops or doesn't file on.

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Man arrested on drug, weapons possession charges

Notice how most of the charges were dropped by the prosecutor. Only charged him with one that showed a bond issued.

Don't you charge them with all of them and then drop some as a plea. If you only charge one what are you going to bargin with.

Branson is an idiot. Time for a recall.

Why doesn't the paper do and investigation in amount of charges not filed from the charges that they were booked on.

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In honor of St. Francis, multitude of creatures blessed

I bless my turkey too. Every year just before we eat in late November.

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Three men arrested in robberies of delivery drivers

Red is right

An officer on every corner will not stop anything. In New York there really are an officer assigned to foot patrol on every block in some areas and there still are crimes that happen.

LPD is a great dept. When was the last time KCMO ever caught a street robber? I wouldn't call it luck. I would call it education and skill, over 80% of the dept holds college degrees and many have their masters.

Donald, have you ever written a search warrant, or testified in court?

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KU police issue crime alert after man orders woman into car

Ferris Bueller?

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Oread cell towers raise concerns

Did you read the article! The city said it was informed. It is just that everyone didn't read all the notes.

Guess what the city commission doesn't get to approve every building or aspect of all plans. Every building permit doesn't go before the commission. That is the job of the Codes dept.

You people whine about sales tax being down and how high your property taxes are on your dinky house. Then someone wants to build something that will bring people here to spend money and you whine about that. Give me a break

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