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Senator says Stegall swearing in timed to avoid vote

The rhetoric is simply mindless. . . . "shady." Where? First, the process had nothing to do with Stegall per se. Everything was done though our reps this last session changing the system to what other states like CA and NJ have (not to mention our Fed Gov't). It was all public and we the people now have a say through our reps.

As far as Hensley and his claims- the Dems should be embarrassed! He actually went on historic public record with claims such as Stegall supported KS "seceding" from the Union! FACT: The writing that Hensley referred to was an article Stegall wrote about Organic Farmers using his office parking lot in Perry KS, because they wanted to "secede" from the Lawrence Farmer's Market. This is the type of mindless political garbage that reps like Hensley produce. At least be intelligent, civil, and honest about the discussion.

Further, some of you truly know nothing about Stegall's life and record; a local product of the Lawrence community (many generations of family), top LSAT scores along with being one of the top KU law grads. He served the largest law office in our state, as a local prosecutor, and now oversees the current state admin's legal team of 100+ attorneys! He is an admirer of local communities, traditional institutions like family, schools, and even local markets! He would surprise you as to the various voices and views he likes such as Ralph Nader and Wendell Berry. I remember his interview on KU Public Radio a few years back. The interviewer finished and was astonished; while she found herself in a different political camp she admitted openly that she agreed with Stegall on almost every point he voiced.

Perhaps some of you should get past your empty bias and actually do some research of this man. You could not want a better person of character and mind hearing your case and making a legal judgement.

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Stegall wins Senate confirmation to Kansas Court of Appeals

The Governor is an elected official, and his nominee is now under scrutiny of the people. The judge is not appointed until OUR representatives confirm him/her. Does the President have to tell us every person, and every criteria he considers for appointed positions?

Besides all of this- why is any of this being discussed in regards Judge Stegall? This procedural debate already took place 6 months ago and OUR representatives decided on this issue. Done!

The only question that needed to be answered is whether Judge Stegall was qualified. And his credentials; from one of the top KU law school grads, to working in the #1 law firm of KS, to the high profile cases he represented, to working in real life of Kansan people, to being an elected prosecutor, to the top legal counsel for our state, all the way to his impeccable character were compelling.

We should all be embarrassed when the best our KS Senate Minority Leader can do - on public record I might ad- is attempt to question Stegall's integrity by accusing him of writing about "secession from the Union." As it turns out, this claim comes from a piece that Stegall wrote on Organic Farmers setting up their own market in Perry, KS (Yes they were "seceding" from other local markets to have their own!)

Rather than question Judge Stegall, some of you may want to re-think your Senators whose research skills and inability to reflect clearly at a man's education, skills, and character. I suspect that the Dems display in this entire process, including the gross display in the media, will be the point remembered in history.

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Stegall wins Senate confirmation to Kansas Court of Appeals

What is "wrong. . .?" There was no accountability to the people. Now we have a say through our representatives. This process is now transparent. Why is this a problem? So we can have an unelected committee decide (with no accountability), OR our elected officials (Gov. and Senators) who are accountable to us? Hmmm. . . I find it interesting. . . control?? Who controlled whom?

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Stegall wins Senate confirmation to Kansas Court of Appeals

In general- YES it did work that way. Judges were determined by a committee who had no accountability to the people. This new system gives us all a say through our representatives. Let's be honest, the only reason people are upset is because we have a conservative governor and legislature- which by the way, is the will of the vast majority of Kansans. It is about time that are judiciary reflects the will of the people.

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Stegall wins Senate confirmation to Kansas Court of Appeals

That would quickly eliminate most judges!

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Stegall wins Senate confirmation to Kansas Court of Appeals

Seriously- do you have a problem with Rosa Parks, the underground railroad, or those who sought to hide and protect Jews and Christians in Germany?

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Letter: Dr. Brownback?

Interesting- I realize I am not so bright, but I did not know an ad hominem argument dismissed the actual claims. Perhaps some should use their doctoral prowess to actually research the claims. If they are not true- just dismiss them.
1) Are we talking about the life of a child or not?
2) Did Margaret Sanger promote eugenics in her writings?
3) Did the Nazi regime incorporate Planned Parenthood polices in their public policy?

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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback pushes faith mentors for state prison inmates

Exactly- Eugenics. . . What Sanger wanted and developed. . Planned Parenthood. I have her writings here! She believed certain people (as she and her comrades decided) were a stress on the society (including those prone to crime.) The very reason most abortion clinics are in certain neighborhoods! Your ideas are really directly out of Sanger and the Eugenics playbook.

Educate me on your views then. Really. Simple and no trick questions: 1) Is a child a person or not? 2) If there is a change from child to person, when does that change occur?

To save posting time can we be honest and rational? (seriously); your determined "line" of mystical transformation can not be the child's size, the child moving location 3 inches, the child being dependent on someone else, or the child being immature. Nothing in those realities somehow provides a "poof" and the "non-human thing" becomes a child; i.e. a human being.

So when does a child become a human person?

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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback pushes faith mentors for state prison inmates

Exactly how it works! Been doing it for decades. Fascinating how that works in most needs of life. . . Katrina, Inner City Renewal, Prison/inmate reform, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, education, etc. etc. All done and initiated in our history without tax money. . . Go into the prison today and noticed the hundreds of volunteers. . . .

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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback pushes faith mentors for state prison inmates

First- they can pick and reject as they want.

Second- I am sure most inmates want advise/mentoring from that 24 year old with that wonderful college degree in sociology; instead of a 65 year old man who was in prison for 2 years in the 70s, recovered from alcoholism, raised a family, and runs a business. Of course, . . . the fact that the 24 year old is a young single woman. . . forget it.. . . I am sure the typical inmate is smart enough to make the right choice.

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