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Some Lawrence sidewalks remain snowbound despite $20 fines

So if I get home from vacation (that started before the snow, and will end after it), there damn well better not be a ticket in my mailbox. If one of my neighbors had the opportunity to complain about my un-shoveled 12 ft of sidewalk, but not take 3 minutes to remedy the problem knowing I'm out of town, I will be irate. Snitches get stitches...

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County commission to hold special meeting to discuss fireworks ban

i hope you aren't really implying that this has anything to do with parents not picking up trash? i'm not saying that i am for or against a ban, but am smart enough to know that the conditions are ripe for accidental fires...

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Crews scrambling to have 'Extreme Makeover' house completed in next few days

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there is a percentage of people there for the wrong reasons, but the optimistic side of me hopes and believes that the majority of volunteers are doing it for the cause, not the 15 seconds of fame.

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Lawrence man, 39, faces misdemeanor charges of eavesdropping

"Officers interviewed the man and arrested him Thursday afternoon on suspicion of sexual exploitation of a child and eavesdropping, according to jail records, but prosecutors had only filed the three misdemeanor eavesdropping charges Friday."

Accused of taping teenagers in various states of undress and only charged with misdemeanors? Dude pretty much already walked.

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2 Jefferson County men killed, a third injured in head-on accident Tuesday night

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NWS allows winter weather advisory for Douglas County to expire

At the risk of being somewhat hypocritical because I have done my fair share of complaining. But given the current situation in japan, snow isn't so bad.

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City continues street plowing overnight; Wind chill advisory replaces blizzard warning

Hey obamarocks, better get those personal days ready and reserve your booth at the donut shop, because we know your kids will probably be out of school all week. That way you can use the free wifi and report all of the people who haven't shoveled their sidewalks yet because they didn't get to stay home and eat donuts and play pictionary all day. Some of us have to work real jobs, regardless of the apocalyptic weather.

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Area school districts cancel Wednesday classes

Going back to the beginning, I certainly hope you are not as self righteous as it seems, and that by "our kids" you are referring to you and your spouse's. However my own judgement from your screen name leads me to believe I am probably wrong, and that you are reAlly attempting to speak on behalf of every parent in the area. I think it has become blatantly obvious that this is a matter of parents doing what they individually believe is acceptable and safe for their children. If YOU want to raise your children to be weak and scared of something as minuscule as some cold temperatures and wind, that is YOUR decision. No where in the "wind chill advisory" or whatever does it say, "hide your kids, hide your wife, because if you go outside, you will die". It simply advises those who want/need to venture outside to dress accordingly. Stop making it sound like your children's lives are in danger should they step outside. Almost everything in life involves risks, plan accordingly and the rest will happen. Or continue to shelter your kids from the outside world. 20 years from now they will be doing the same thing you are, using sick days to keep your grandkids home because it is cold, thus continuing the trend of the next generations becoming more and more weak. Now THAT is quality parenting!!!

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Kasold lanes between Clinton Parkway and 31st Street reopen for Christmas traffic

Like it matters. It's well signed, poorly enforced. Even when the flashing marquee displaying drivers were driving 35+mph, people continue to speed right through, workers and all. Guess that isn't a high class neighborhood, so I really shouldn't expect anything less.

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