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'Fiscal cliff' could cost millions for KU, students

Because they want spending cuts not unfulfilled promises of spending cuts. There is 0 chance that taxing the so called "rich" more will fix our economical problems. Even with the money from the fiscal cliff unless there are huge cuts to spending at the federal level we will not be sustainable. You ask why the republicans fight it but even the Democrats who have the numbers to pass the bill, could not get a filibuster proof majority of their own party to support it.

Here is something to think about "8 days of Government spending is all you get for taking EVERY PENNY of the 2%'s wealth"

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Is voter registration becoming obsolete?

Your idea of Registering Voters with a VC code is so good that we already use it. It's called voter registration and thankfully it's not handled by the Department of Transportation.

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Is voter registration becoming obsolete?

How do you do mail in and absentee ballots when there is no registration for voting? Do you all of a sudden just have Ballot registration?

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Did you have an Easy-Bake Oven when you were a child?

With the end of the incandescent bulb creeping closer. Is the easy bake oven even relevant? Is owning an easy bake oven even a heuristic for understanding modern people? Nope it's not sorry journal world. Would you eat food cooked with a china made L.E.D. bulb? The incandescent bulb is going to be a thing of the past. The replacements contain chemicals that seep out of plastic or worse, mercury. The easy bake oven should have been left in the 80's

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Eudora woman sentenced to probation for lying to obtain federal benefits

What about 100 million candy bar thefts vs a banker who steals millions of dollars? Your comparison is not accurate to reality. There are millions of people reporting false information without a doubt.

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Twinkie manufacturer Hostess moves to liquidate after crippling strike

It's a matter of fact that a Twinkie only lasts around 14 days before its expiration date. They never did last forever. That was a myth created by stupid. So yes, they never really lasted forever in the first place, and only someone with no creativity would use that to start an article in this day and age of information.

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Sound Off: How many people are going to lose their jobs when the city starts using the new trash can

One guy or gal in a truck comes and dumps the carts. Any other bags are left by that guy or gal for a second crew who picks up the trash in the traditional way. Those extra bags eventually require a special sticker or are left at the curb. Yard waste eventually is required to be in only paper yard bags or is left at the curb. If you place your cart in the wrong place or position it will be left full at your curb.

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Sound Off: Does the city have plans to install a traffic light at George Williams Way and Sixth Stre

Pretty soon one of those directions will be no more. Going east from that intersection you will drive right into a wetland at that point. It's the perfect example of why we have needed the SLT for a decade. Everyone hates dealing with 23rd street traffic, and the new signal light control system where they can change it on a whim to stop you at every single light. As a result they go to 31st street because of the fact that even with the long line at the stop sign it's faster.

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Parts of Lawrence already have super-fast Internet

If you were on Googles fiber ring. That number would be closer to 5000.00 mb/s upload and download. That's why the article is so completely stupid. Lawrence doesn't have a service that even comes close yet the newspaper tries to make it seem like we do.

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Parts of Lawrence already have super-fast Internet

Exactly. The pro lawrence person who wrote this failed to notice that Google is offering free 5 megabit service, if you are willing to pay a 300 dollar construction fee. This guy in lawrence offers 1 megabit download only for 90$ a month. If you were in KCK, in 3 months of the lawrence service you would have paid for free 5 megabit upload and download service straight to your house forever.
There is no comparison lol.

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