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City of Lawrence begins using new automated trash truck

They pick up the majority of trash with the automated truck and a separate truck spots and grabs extra bags. One traditional crew can then cover a much larger space with only a fraction of the trash due to the use of carts and fees. If you want to leave an extra bag in the Johnson county area you have to buy some awesome stickers that do not stick to plastic and when the trash guys don't find your sticker they leave the bag.

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Garden Calendar: Water teepees provide early start for tomatoes

" In the Lawrence area, the frost-free date is May 2, and many gardeners wait until after that date to avoid risk of cold-temperature injury to their tomato plants. "

According to the Farmer's Almanac that date is actually the 15th of April for us, and many local gardeners wait until after Mother's Day to plant their tomato seedlings. The reason is because tomato roots will not grow in soil temperatures below 50 degrees; They are a tropical fruit.

If you have gardening questions do not look to the journal world, instead look to the Douglas County extension office of Master Gardeners.

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Lawrence man reports guns stolen in burglary Sunday

Actually nowhere in the article does it mention "a corner or in a closet" Nothing in this article leads you to believe that. You are merely jumping through hoops to try twist this to fit your agenda. Does this victim even have kids?

First of all, no further crime has been committed, as far as we know, with the stolen guns yet. Parents and children typically live in the same residence. Children typically don't drink vodka to a point at which they die. We are talking about a burglary, so prey tell how many children have burglarized their parents and then killed someone with a 5th of vodka?

If you want to say "it is no different than..." Maybe you should realize that the thief would most likely not be killing his or herself with the gun. There would be another future victim. In your scenario the suspect is the victim. And what if the guns are stolen from the guy who stole them???

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Lawrence man reports guns stolen in burglary Sunday

What is your definition of secure elliotaw? Judging the victim of a crime without all of the details, and before even considering the actual perpetrator leaves you looking like a fool in my opinion.

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Kansas City man charged with federal gun crime after arrest at local club

Newsflash. Cops are good guys with guns.

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Branson asks lawmakers to support bill allowing additional charges in DUI cases

Everyone gets lost in semantics from time to time. The word reckless.
Well yes it is, stupid, and absolutely reckless to drive while intoxicated.
But proving someone was "being reckless" is a much different concept.
Was the person who obviously cannot control their motor skills due to alcohol still able to think completely clearly? I see many postings above talking about "he made a choice" or he "decided" to drive drunk. Not that I disagree, I hate drunk drivers. Just the fact that the person was driving drunk is evidence to the argument that he/she was not "being reckless" in a court setting. "If i was sober, i would not have driven drunk." First, one must be proven to be in control of their thoughts to then be proven reckless.

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Kansas gun prosecutions ranked 3rd in nation

Those laws restricting the use of certain guns and accessories which you mention have nothing to do with hunting. Thus, the ignorance in tying to tie the two concepts together.

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City says extra trash won't count against households during post-holiday time period

In All of Johnson County they have biannual large trash days. One is curbside pickup and one is a day to take it to the dump. Warping facts to fit your agenda is an obvious reason to doubt your credibility.

The city never just hauled it off for anyone, If you pay for the service they were providing the service that they were payed for.

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Do you think concealed weapons should be allowed on college campuses?

There are only a few places that concealed carry guns are not allowed. They must have the official state approved sign banning handguns; Any other sign means nothing. The only person who stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Drunken college students with a CCA? They should be well informed of the consequences should they be drinking and carrying their gun.

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Is voter registration becoming obsolete?

Some here, would like to undermine the election process and use the Department of Transportation (which has had nothing but major problems this year and which is also withholding payment for their current computer software due to said problems) to effect the way elections are handled.

How much for the additional voter registration code software? When we cant register, as we couldn't get licenses or register cars for a while this year, what recourse will we have???

Our system for voter registration works, our state has a democratically elected official powered and limited by the state constitution to handle these very issues.

Our system costs much less than the DOT would need to run it, and it even has provisions for absentee and mail in ballots. If you do not like Kobach your only recourse is Voting. Very few in our state will ever support making an end run around the secretary of state in an effort to effect electoral process. In fact, it may be illegal for any office of the state of Kansas besides the secretary of state to even solicit to voters as if they are overseers of the election process. How does a citizen of our state hold accountable an office acting out of it's constitutional range for the actions constitutionally responsible to another accountable office?

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