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Many teacher pension funds underfunded

Bottom line--these pensions will not be paid as promised.
Twill be an Exponential Fail.

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KU’s law school drops again in national rankings, while 12 programs make top 10

"Many don't want to start out at lower wages, either. And therefor they don't get hired. You have to begin where it's possible, even if wages are low.

Also, anyone who has been through three jobs, and isn't wiling to take a $25,000 dollar job to begin with, has only themselves to blame."

Lemme guess. You probably didn't take on 100K in student loans like my buddy, who reasonably expected (based on career services data) that he--like the majority of reported KU law grads--would actually earn a salary that would cover his student loan debt.

Still, I agree with you in one thing. Y'all are a bunch of whiners if you expect someone else to just give you a job. If you are good enough, you will find work. I suppose you could conclude that KU Law doesn't graduate a quality product that people actually want to employ. Otherwise, why would 22% of them be unemployed?

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KU’s law school drops again in national rankings, while 12 programs make top 10

My friend says that if KU Law School only spent half of the effort helping graduates find jobs as they do asking for money, they would be wildy successful.

But I think they just don't produce a product worthy of being employed, after all, the Dean "stressed that KU doesn’t ...[hire] recent graduates at low salaries or by other means." 22% unemployment rate for graduates--not so good.

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Kansas unemployment drops to 6.1 percent in January

Hmmm. According to another LJWorld article, the unemployment rate of recent law school graduates is 22%.

Very Interesting.

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Has Title IX been successful in leveling the playing field for men and women in college sports?

I have an idea. Eliminate the distinction between mens and womens sports. Make each sport co-ed, and then you can naturally let interest level and athetic ability determine the makeup of the teams.

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Legislators see upcoming fights over major issues

Not sure how it will all play out in Kansas in the end, but the inadequately funded pension fund problem is killing state governments, municipalities, and corporations everywhere. Many are predicated on the assumption that 8-10% returns can be sustained on an annual basis and were funded accordingly. When the beneficiaries of such plans find out that the pension they counted on will not be paid, they will not be happy.
After all, that which can NOT be paid...

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KU says Title IX satisfied in case

And if the former athletes and fans of the axed programs just couldn't quite scratch together enough change by next Monday to fund the programs into perpetuity, welllll, then...

too bad, so sad.

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KU says Title IX satisfied in case

" they were axed for money reasons."

Indeed, that is what the article you linked said. I'm curious what the Title IX balance was back in 2001?

And if the Title IX balance needed to be shifted, wouldn't it be a fortuitous opportunity to cut Men's Swimming and Diving and Men's Tennis rather than add costly new programs, like Women's LaCross, Women's Hockey, and Women's Curling?

I wonder.

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