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Firebirds teammates linked by a common present, past

but he wouldn't have played quarterback....

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Lawrence High soccer loses, 3-1

3-1 is pretty close for the match up...but the article doesn't tell you anything without any statistics or commetary. Sorry that is how they ended the coverage of your season. How did you guys do?

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SM West routs Lawrence High soccer, 7-0

Ewy is one of the best keepers that we have played, and one of the best in the league. She was outstanding against Free State and it is clear she gets tested every game.

Good to hear Aldrich is back, I heard that she was out for the season.

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Kick starter: Senior reserve sparks FSHS, 4-1

Agreed. Those two ladies were fantastic last night. There were so many times that Flemming got back and cleared the ball to stop a shot or Ewy came out on corner kicks or just stretched out and snagged shot.

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Kick starter: Senior reserve sparks FSHS, 4-1

Maybe it was senior night or the rivalry, but a lot closer *score than expected. With all the shots flying around, I was waiting for it to break open at any moment. It does seem like anyone could have scored at anytime with ball in front of their goal (or in the keeper's hands) the whole game.

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Unbeaten Olathe East shuts out upset-minded Free State soccer

Olathe East was the real deal. They made us pay for everything.

A rivalry game is always closer than you think, but the LHS just doesn't have the numbers this year. They have 4-6 top players, and their defense can't hold out the whole game. Last year it was 0-0 at half before it broke lose. Don't see it lasting that long this year.

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Free State soccer shuts out Olathe North

We have a great team. This will prove if we are really big time or if our schedule is padded with easy non-conference teams. OE is the real thing.

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FSHS soccer wins despite ejection

Yes, I noticed that LHS didn't even call in their game score again. Poor keeper sets a new save record every game.

Both teams play at HOME on Friday.

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FSHS soccer wins despite ejection

Both schools in town have great town have great goalkeepers, but we at Free State are also blessed with outstanding defense. Good job team!

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