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Crews race to find survivors of Oklahoma twister

Clay soil. building a basement would wreck a foundation and make a house unstable.

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Annual lighting ceremony, Santa rescue set for Friday

Is that Friday as in today or NEXT Friday? The headline makes you think its next Friday,, but the article sounds like it is today. Could you please add a date to clarify?

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Missing Free State student returns home unharmed

Oh cait48!
I truly hope she is found safe and sound soon! My prayers are with your family.

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Clinton boosts Obama in rousing convention speech

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Google Fiber could widen digital divide in Kansas City area

That would just open up the digital divide even further. They need to stick to their promises of access for the entire city and find another formula. This formula didn't come into play until well after their big announcement and neither city had anything to say about it. It was just dropped on them and they were left scrambling. Of Course its going to be a hard sell to some neighborhoods who not because they don't want it, but just can't afford it.

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Google Fiber could widen digital divide in Kansas City area

The 120 a month is for internet AND cable TV service. Which makes it much cheaper than Time Warner, Cox or whatever amalgamation of cable service we have here now.

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Heard on the Hill: UDK celebrates two-ply toilet paper; KU explains Facilities Services post; Washington Monthly says KU is No. 118 university in the country

Vince and his good ole boy network are most of the problem. He knows absolutely nothing about the day to day operations and has 0 leadership skills. The person who does thoroughly got the shaft from F&O. Until that ship is righted, its going to be in a constant state of discombobulation.

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Kansas libraries let people check out cake pans

You may be joking, but some do! Some also circulate tools. Its not a new thing, and its not just Kansas libraries, its also a service of many rural libraries in many states. Libraries have been circulating items to fit their community's needs since libraries began.

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LHS, Facebook

I found it by taking the "halls" off and searching for Lawrence HS on facebook. When you do the "hall" part pops back up. LHS needs to take this sight down now. It looks like an official site when you first open it.

***** Before you look for it Be Warned*****

The serial killer in training kid who goes by Adolf Thr***y Black**** who is posting the pics is one sick puppy who should be deep deep in therapy.

This is NOT a harmless fun site.

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Police respond to gunshots at former chief’s house

Yep. I keep going back to that too. Can't help but think of that in this case.
Perhaps Karma really IS a _itch.

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