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Lawrence woman pleads no contest to charge of hitting man with vehicle

I know who she is and this action does not surprise me. What surprises me is the fact that she is still allowed to work with the elderly for in her past she is known to of robbed her clients of whatever she could get her hands on and allowed others to do the same. Sad, huh

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Robbery attempt reported

LJW does not cover all, why, can't say don't know. I personally saw the police and the coroner remove a body from the woods off from 11th street about a month ago. Did any one ever see a story on that? Just want to know cause I never did and I looked every day in the LJW

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Suspect in several crimes arrested after foot chase near Kasold Drive and Clinton Parkway

QUESTION: How long will Douglas county keep him this time?????????? ANSWER; That depends on how much info he has on someone else. Maybe if DOC had kept him 3 months ago when he did dirt he wouldn't of racked up more charges. Now, is that a good thing or bad? Him going away no matter how long it took them is a good thing. They just allowed him more rope for a better hang.

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Suspect in several crimes arrested after foot chase near Kasold Drive and Clinton Parkway

GOOD JOB LPD, and may I add about D time. This guy being taken off the streets is the best news I have heard in a long time. He has been taken off the streets several several times since being released from DOC but somehow ALWAYS been able to get out just to do the same thing again and again. Like I said in a previous statement, cutting off his hands will not stop him, he'd still find a way.

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LifeStar responding to life-threatening injury at Home Depot

Amen to that. It's not so much the newspaper as it is the law enforcement or government. Lot more crime here then ever posted in any paper. Trust me, I know

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Inmate at Douglas County Correctional Facility dies during medical emergency

channel 5 news last night said that it was a stabbing. I think Lawrence police department likes to keep things quiet as possible so lawrence can be betrayed as a peacefull beautifull town to live in.

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Lawrence man charged with theft

All 10 fingers, toes, teeth, and I still believe he'd find a way.

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Lawrence man charged with theft

about time the worm was picked up. He needed to be before someone seriously hurt the man. He has been doing this kind of stuff since he could walk. He seriously has a problem like stealing instead of working for what you have or want. Known him since he was born and he is bad news people. Congrats to the Taco John employee!!!!! Think I will have a taco for dinner tonight. He should not be allowed to bond out.

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