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As cemetery fell into disarray, state officials waited to act

"Kansas officials waited four years to take action."

"It takes some time," said Stephanie Wing, the spokeswoman".

The above political apointeee represents one of the more imposing reasons as to why this once proud state has itself fallen into a state of disarray: Politicians have gutted the Civil Service and the regulatory Civil Service staff members cannot implement the rules for fear of retribution from the unclassifed service staff.

I believe it shall only get worse with time; that political hacks and those with a corrupted sense of vision shall be more and more in control to the point that the McCarthyesque nature of today will look like free and open discussion compared to what's coming.

Deal making on a grand scale is alive and well in Kansas.

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Troopers will carry Tasers

thanks bob:

A machine pistol to me is any semi-automatic such as any Beretta; a Colt .45 or even the Mustang .380ACP. They're all machine pistols to me. I'm not referring to Uzi, Tech 9 or whatever.

While I've graduated from the "six gun", I've not made the leap to the 400 shot machine pistol! Sorry for the confusion

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Troopers will carry Tasers

Will my soon to be obtained conceal and carry permit allow me to carry one of these or does state government prefer I carry a concealed machine pistol?

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Bill aims to rid schools of junk food options

It's high time this "progessive community" embrace the concept that schools need to lead by example. Removing the ability to purchase that crud gives a solid message to the students and the community that the Lawrence School System understands the problem.

Further, the fact the system depends on the money from those vending machines and money earned will most likely drop, shall illustrate to other sectors of the community that the way we fund the school system is errant.

Oh....and there's no need to raise taxes to make up the difference. Those guys are paid big dollars to think. Let them think of ways to re-distribute the current budget.

As well, the availability of the crud should not be in the teachers only areas. Juice machines and fruit machines are good places to start. Remove the candy machines; remove the corn syrup distribution points. Remove the chips.

While we're at it, can the dopes with WRAP stop suggesting that Paxil and such "help"? Is ADHD actually childhood borderline personality disorder? Probably.

Anyway, Ms. Shaunta Thompson, suggest you either bring your candy fix with you to school; do without; or go for a walk.

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Affordable homes elusive for many

"I don't feel like part of the middle class," Spacek said. "I feel like low working class here."

And what's so bad about being "...low working class...."? The jobs held by the two complaining appear to be in "working class" land.

And, why would the woman "love" a place where she's been "X'd" out of the housing market?

I don't "love" the place anymore. I've seen what it has become and is becoming. In ten years (perhaps even five), Lawrence will be a far more grossly stratified "community" than one could ever imagine. People can bowl in block parties and it will make no difference.

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Motorcycles, mopeds more popular at KU

Right. These same "mo ped" drivers have no respect for the rules of the road; seemingly think that because they are "dinkly" STOP and YIELD signs don't apply them; and pretty much do as they please.

The SOLUTION to KU "driver congestion" is to once and for all make the campus a NO VEHICLE ZONE. PERIOD.

It was supposed to be that way when the "traffic islands" were put into place in the early '70"s.

MAKE KU A PEDESTRIAN ENVIRONMENT ONLY (except for the BUS and "grounds" vehicles").

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Peace Corps celebrates 45 years of helping others

The "Peace Corps" had it's time and place. It was ALWAYS most generally a FRONT for the C.I.A. or the U.S.A.I.D. which was always a front for the C.I.A.

It was also a special place where special people could pad a resume and make their collective to "government service"; provided their politics were in line with the State Department and the current Administration.

The "Peace Corps" is a joke.

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Bill aims for crackdown on child support

....continuation from above:

Furthermore, there are those situations where the SRS "lawyers" (mostly all female) have elected to concoct a "deal".....typically with husband/wife teams or "single mothers" ......all who earn a MORE than adequate living.....such that the "deal" excludes a bunch of the parents' income.

There are other situations within SRS where milk toasty "social workers" ORDER the child enforcement section of SRS to NOT pursue a child support order or the collection on an already existent order because doing so ".....gets in the way of reuniting the family....".

From my world, a bill is a bill is a bill....."; particularly when it's a bill to the state and the People of the state of Kansas. Amen.

However, it's the norm around here to look the other way and go after the child support owing parent who works a minimum wage job and struggles themselve to just keep their own head above water. It's the norm....we ARE in Kansas, Toto.

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Bill aims for crackdown on child support

Child support monies need to be paid period.

However, a large aspect of the problem here in Kansas and why the State is #34 in it's collection abilities centers around how the program is administered.

I have from unimpeachable sources that SRS targets the low paying wage earner absent parents (male and female) rather than those parents who can afford legal counsel. Wh? The lawyers mire the collection process with paper work. If one can afford legal counsel, one can delay and even concoct "deals with the State workers who represent themselves as "lawyers".

So we as a State chase marginal wage earners while the "fat cat" (money wise and earnings wise) exploit the adversarily legal system which is the American court system. Meanwhile, we let loose those that can pay for a paid mouthpiece to "deal make".

As well, if you are about to be saddled with a child support order but you "know someone" or "are someone", these same state workers who are "lawyers" "work with you.". I have personal knowledge of support cases that lanquish in a state "lawyers" filing drawer due to the "connections" of the person who owes child support.

Further, SRS does NOT actively pursue those parents who throw up their hands as to the control of their teen age children and all but turn them over to the state to mind. These "children" can simply be verbal or they can be criminal. Irrespective, they're brought into state custody and the parents' of these minors seemingly never find their way to a court ordered child support obligation. And yet, these are the very parents who have admitted they have failed as parents and seek state intervention to "fix" the "child". Utter nonsense.

I support the pursuit of all active child support orders. However, when the "connected" avoid orders all together or have the dollar amount ordered reduced to the point of absurdity, I am compelled to look at the people that Gary Daniels lawds and gives permission to "deal make" and say "Phooey".

SRS needs to TARGET the high way earners who ARE findable and traceable but who have the money to pay for lawyers and deal with it such that there are NO DEALS. Any compromise needs that are made need to be responsible and not "airey fairy...."

I have been made aware of certain cases within just the Lawrence SRS where people who sould be paying child support because they sought to put their child in Foster Care or the Juvenile Justice System have been able to AVOID not only PAYING child support....but who have avoided Court action because the SRS "lawyers" have elected to NOT pursue the cases......should I post the names and situations?

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Funding for counseling program in jeopardy

Defund it and all other "programs" that persist in the war on boys.

"Sommers gives us the background for the feminization of boys starting in 1990 when Carol Gilligan announced to the world that America's adolescent girls were in a crisis. She subjects Gilligan's research on girls and boys to extensive analysis and finds it less than scientific and effectively dispenses with the myth of the "Fragile Girl." Mary Pipher calls American society a "girl-poisoning" and "girl-destroying culture." Pipher informs her readers in Reviving Ophelia that her clinic is filled with girls "who have tried to kill themselves." Sommers recites the CDC suicide statistics and it's really the boys who are committing suicide, increasing at three times the rate of girls. In a population of nine million 10- to 14-year-old girls, an absolute increase of 13 is not evidence of a "girl-destroying culture." The AAUW spent $100,000 on a study of "How Schools Shortchange Girls " and then $150,000 promoting it to an uncritical and enthusiastic media. Susan Chira's report of this for The New York Times was headlined "Bias Against Girls Is Found Rife in Schools, with Lasting Damage." When the author called on Ms Chira and asked her if she had obtained any critical evaluation of her thesis, Ms Chira stated, after a long silence, "I don't want to talk about this." When asked why she had not sought out critics, she said, "I see where this is going. . . . . I wish you the best of luck. Goodbye," taking the journalistic equivalent of the Fifth Amendment. When she called back later, Sommers asked if she would write it the same way today. She responded that she would not have, since we now have learned so much about boys' deficits."

THE WAR AGAINST BOYS - How Misguided Feminism is Harming our Young Men by Christina Hoff Sommers, Simon & Schuster, New York, © 2000, ISBN: 0-684-84956-9, 251 pp

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