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Underage drinking crackdown shifts from bars to parties

For those college students that are under age, YOU DO NOT HAVE to give the police ID unless you are in a vehicle. You can say no. IT IS YOUR HOUSE. They have to have probable cause to believe you are under 18. Make them go get a warrant. They have to have a search warrant to enter the premises unless you let them in.. You don't have to breath into a breathalyzer absent a warrant.

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Sound Off: We often see students rush the floor after defeating Kansas University in basketball. Whe

We are Kansas. We do NOT rush the court. Rushing the court is for major upsets. We expect to win every game at AFH. Therefore, never an upset.

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Solid Waste Task Force's trash talks suggest new era of recycling around corner

Recycling is obviously the main talking point of the readers, but it is short-sighted. Right now, our citizens are so freaking selfish that they are crippling people, good people, solid citizens, neighbors, dad's, brothers and husbands because they don't want to pay a couple bucks a month to go with polycarts. No one can lift the amount of weight the workers have to lift everyday, day after day, year after year without a back or shoulder going out and crippling the worker. I'll gladly pay the extra couple of dollars to quit crippling people for no reason.

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Fresh faces: Several rookies have chance to play

Let's be honest. If we are playing more than 3-4 freshmen, then we are not very good. Playing freshmen mean they don't have any juniors or seniors, players with 3+ years in the program, that are worth a darn. OU, Tex, OSU, KSU are playing people with 3-4+ years of off-season training, weight training, thousands of game and practice repetitions... I hope we don't get carried away playing freshmen because it means we will be 2-10.

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Community meets at Central Junior High about proposed Dillons expansion

Is it my imagination or does this paper do nothing but bitch about business developement? Read this article again and there is not one word mentioned about the benefits of the new store including more full and part-time jobs. Read the article on the south lawrence trafficway and it is the same thing. Not one comment about the jobs created and benefits of improved traffic flow for potential business developement. Let's save the frogs and not change anything has to this papers motto. To hell with unemployment, families in distress and poverty, let's not make any changes.

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Retail Task Force to study Lawrence business regulations

The City Commission was wrong. New business development is needed. Lowe's doesn't need the City, the City needs Lowe's to compete with Home Depot. and to provide a valuable project. The City missed out on hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax revenue because it refused to adapt. Too many people still think the "mom and pop" and "entreprenurial" stores are the way to go, but the $$$ just are not there for those stores and it is stupid to think they ever will be.

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Lew Perkins' tenure as Kansas athletic director comes to a sudden conclusion — months ahead of schedule

Lew is an !$#, but he made hard decisions and brought KU into the 20th century when it came to fund raising. The issue that befell Mangino also brought down Lew. Namely, when you are a !$!#$ people will put up with it until things start to go bad. When they go bad, no one will FIGHT FOR YOU. He deserved to go. His #$!# attitude that he was above the rules got him canned.

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Support cause for college football playoff

People who support a college football playoff are selfish. The physical abuse these athletes take is tremendous. You are asking these players to take a beating, with an team play-off, some of them at OU, TX, Ala, Florida, USC, will play the equivalent of a whole season over the course of their college careers just so you can solve the debate of who is #1. You ask them to risk millions of dollars and the very real threat of injury just so you can say "we're #1". It is horsebleep. It's selfish and it is unwarranted.

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Tough year

If the City can afford a million boondoggle at the old Carnegie library and to expand the current library, then the City needs to quit pleading poverty.

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Library expansion plan gaining momentum

What a stupid idea. I like the library, but bad fiscal policy is bad fiscal policy. In the midst of street projects and other infrastructure needs being cut due to the downturn in tax revenue, the City Commission wants to expand a library. Idiotic!!

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